WordPress with React – How To Make Use Of Headless WordPress With React?


WordPress with React is a popular buzzword in the market. WordPress is a fantastic platform, but it has its limitations. WordPress REST API is a big part for frontend developers, but with a combination of JavaScript frameworks like React.

What is Headless WordPress?

A Content Management System has a frontend and backend. The backend handles the management of the website. WordPress helps in creating and publishing blog posts. The front end is the thing visible to the people.A headless CMS leaves only backed for handling the website. It gives you a database, admin panel, and content management tools. The REST API can help to build a website or app effortlessly. Some specific use cases of headless WordPress are:

  • WordPress has robust management tools that help to create and keep track of the website content. If you have configured it properly, it can help in editing the web page. It gives you the freedom to assign different roles to the users and work together on projects.
  • You can code the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP and take benefits of the WordPress framework.
  • Even if you do not want to deal with WordPress PHP, it gives you the freedom to decouple it and use its code.
  • Since you use the API and not a hard-coded traditional CMS, which means you can easily switch your content to different frameworks.
  • WordPress with React can help to use libraries and frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Django, and many more.
  • It will support cross-platform and multichannel publishing. Using the REST API, you can easily automate the entire process and publish WordPress posts to multiple sources.

What is ReactJS?

It is a JavaScript library that helps create fast and interactive user interfaces for mobile and web apps. React is a component-based, frontend library and open-source, which is responsible for the view layer. In Model-View-Controller architecture, the view deals with the looks and feels of the app. Some benefits of ReactJS are:

  • Creating Dynamic Apps: React has made it easier to create dynamic web applications as it required less coding but more functionality.
  • Performance: React uses the virtual DOM, which helps in creating web apps faster. It compares the components to previous states and changes only the items that are updated.
  • Reusable Components: These are the building blocks of the React application. They have their controls and logic, which can be reused throughout the application, which reduces development time.
  • Unidirectional Data Flow: React has a unidirectional data flow. While designing the app, developers nest the child components within parent components. As the data flow is in a single direction, it is easier to debug the errors.         

What are the Advantages of Headless WordPress with React?

  • Multiple Channel: It helps publish on various platforms like tablets, computers, smartphones, and more. This method helps in increasing the accessibility of your website.
  • More Simple Design: Using WordPress as a headless CMS makes it easier to manage and lightweight. You can redesign the website to create a familiar environment and user experience.
  • Better Performance: Once WordPress is coupled with the new integrated technologies, it provides reliability and super-fast performance.  
  • Scalability: Your website should have flexibility and bandwidth by adapting to change the features, scale, and size. A headless WordPress with React helps to evolve the requirements and updates of the platform.
  • Security: It is an online service that must be provided on every online platform. So, hire ReactJS developers to ensure tighter security which makes your website safe from online vulnerabilities.  

The Set-up of WordPress with React:

Facebook developed and maintained the React platform. It is one of the popular JavaScript which is used to build the frontend. The fast, robust, and dynamic Single-Page Applications can be developed using the powerful JS library. Once you have set up WordPress, you need to install the following things:

  • A text edition similar to Visual Studio Code
  • NPM and NodeJS 
  • GIT to control the version after the environment setup
  • Open the command line and run the code
  • Install packages for API calls
  • Launch the application using the appropriate command to build a web app.

You can also hire WordPress developersand ReactJS developers to make this process smoother.    

What are the Improvements that ReactJS Offers in Headless WordPress?

Seamless UI Designing

WordPress with React will help to create module-like pieces of code known as components. The React developers can help in custom-designed headless WordPress. The components are part of the user interface. Being declarative, it handles the minimal inputs like:

  • Less development time
  • Developers can work on core features
  • They can efficiently perform unit testing and ensure no crashes

Virtual DOM

Document Object Model enhances the scalability of the web app. It represents the page in virtual memory before rendering the final web page. A few

benefits of React are:

  • Consumes less time to load the web pages
  • Eliminates the heavy code like jQuery
  • The web pages are smooth and light

SEO Advantages

Content is an important key to grab the top positions on the SERP. React fastens the loading speed, which means your platform will gain more traffic. This ensures that you have better page rendering speed with an excellent user interface.

What are the Benefits of Using Headless WordPress?

1. Multichannel Publishing 

This is one of the main uses of this platform. You post one thing that will automatically be added to social media accounts, websites, and applications. The main work is to detach the front end from the backend. This gives you an efficient method to automate content publishing. 

2. Multiple Language Support

WordPress uses the API to facilitate multiple channel publishing and connect with any frontend. If you perform proper configuration, it works perfectly with React. You get the freedom to experiment with new languages and explore the benefits of WordPress. 

3. Great Performance

It is a heavy CMS that gives you great features and functionalities for building websites. The dynamic language helps to craft interactive and interesting websites with great features. 

4. Fewer Security Issues 

Headless WordPress development gives you an extra layer of security. It connects your apps and websites using API instead of a login screen. Also, since your frontend and backend servers are on different servers, it is difficult for the malware to enter your store. 

5. Highly Scalable

Headless WordPress gives you enough resources to redesign or scale your platforms effortlessly. It keeps the content and visuals separate to make it easier to update. Even the website or app upgrading is easier.


React, and WordPress Development Services is the most significant advantage to deliver the best platforms.

WordPress with React can help to provide the best things:

  • The website has faster page loads
  • The website navigation is smooth and lightning-fast
  • The frontend is highly interactive and engaging
  • The wireframe for the web pages is appealing for the users
  • The website is highly responsive to different devices

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