WordPress’ 14th Birthday! What’s New Coming in?

As we all know, WordPress is an online, open source website making tool which is written in PHP. Since its inception in 2003 as a nascent blogging platform, today, after 14 years, it enjoys a significant 26% market share that powers 26.9% of the world’s website as a full-fledged CMS. Along with the web, WordPress Development has also evolved on a great extent.

Later on, WordPress was a platform chosen for various tasks such design, development, blogging, content management, managed hosting and many more.

But after 14 years of service, what new will this platform bring? It is really important for a WordPress enthusiast to know what the WordPress platform has in its future. When you go through general posts on Google, you will find out people talking about merging of the rest of the current versions of the REST API. And actually, the WordPress enthusiasts are excited about it.

Whereas, some people like me are excited to find out what kind of different ideas, people come up with, by using these REST APIs altogether. Basically, no blogger would like to change the way in which the WordPress looks in the publishing front. Most of the WordPress professionals tend to be fine with the way it is progressing. 4.8 update would be the most wonderful and efficient platform for all those who have been working with the same.

Whereas, there are certain enthusiasts who find WordPress development in the most unified way. WordPress would basically be a huge CMS and move on like a standard CMS platform. It will have a strong notification API which will extend the concept of WordPress mobile apps.

So let us wait for the new things brought by WordPress to the market and be ready for the next update!

Happy Birthday WordPress!!!!!!!!!!!

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