WooCommerce Blocks 3.4.0: New Version of Blocks Plugin


Showcase the Products 

There are many different ways to display the products and set up the pane like:

  • Featured Products: Display product in high impact pattern with text alignments, hide or show price, product description, override the product photo.
  • Hand-Picked Products: A grid or list of products that are hand-picked and can be ordered easily.
  • New products: Adding a filter to show the entire newly added product in a grid. 
  • Products by tag: This allows products based on a specific tag and highlights them based on classification options.
  • Best selling products: After adding this filter visitors can see the best-selling products on your platform. 
  • Top-rated products: This displays the products that are top-rated by the customers. 
  • Cart Block: This section displays the recent cart contents. 3.4.0

This makes the customers the ease to explore the products according to their requirements. 

Display Reviews

Reviews let the customers know about the products and make decisions more easily. The reviews can be displayed in different categories like reviews by product and category.

Explore the Products

This block lets you highlight the products and add a search box for the customers. They can be categorized in lists like:

  • Featured Category
  • Product Search
  • Product Categories list

Custom Shape Page

This section allows the customers to add filters when they are viewing products. They can see the products with the following cases:

  • View all products
  • Based on the attribute
  • Filter by price
  • Products filter

What are the Requirements for WooCommerce Block?

There are minimum requirements before you integrate a WooCommerce plugin into your platform:

  • WordPress 5.3 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
  • HTTPs Support
  • WordPress memory should have 128 MB or greater
  • WooCommerce version 4.2 or greater

We will surely recommend PHP with version 7.2 or greater and MySQL version 5.6 or greater.    

What does the New Version of WooCommerce Block Include?

There are some performance and bug fixes in the latest release of WooCommerce block.

Resolved Saved Payment Method issue

Earlier, if any user has selected the Stripe payment method as the default option to complete transactions and then pay using any other payment method, still the payment will be completed using the stripe method only. This recent version has solved the issue and enables easy payments with any methods user wants to complete the transaction.

Cart and Checkout Display 

Some themes do not define box size or border for some elements. With the new update, they have been implemented changes to the display of the cart and checkout in the themes.

Checkout Block Improved

Some browser’s environment lagged a bit in the checkout block. In this release, they have implemented changes in the structure which improves the performance.

Hard-coded wp-login.php URL

The WooCommerce service has switched the hard-coded path to wp_login_ur for generating links.  This lets the stores to get control over where the customers can log in.

COD not Visible

WooCommerce Development Services shared their experience where they were could not see COD payment options when WooCommerce blocks were enabled. They have tracked down the issue and worked on it in the latest release. 

Automated Tests

They have increased the automated test coverage and critical flow of the blocks to resolve surface problems faster when blocks are iterated.

Usage of WooCommerce Blocks

Filtered Products List

This block enables users to filter on the products by category block. Once the block is placed user can choose the number of rows and columns, change the appearance, order by price, date, and more. This can be a significant part of the platform for product grids and content. 

Category List

Users can categorize the products into unique items list and customize the drop-down. There can be category hierarchy with the product counts easily with this WooCommerce block.  

This block has title, description, price, and link on the product thumbnail. It let the categories or products that have special promotions easily accessible to the users. 


A WooCommerce review block shows all the list of ratings for a product. It allows choosing what it displays on the review and the orders of it.  

Adding a search box helps the customers to look for a product easily with suitable content. It makes the search process quick and easy for every visitor.

All Products

The WooCommerce All product creates a list of all the products on the page or post. It can be combined with sidebar widgets, cart, custom shop page, and many more without coding. 

Filtering Block

Setting the filter types on each product by price and attribute helps in giving the flexibility of filtering the functionalities. WooCommerce Development Company can provide some useful categories, filtering tools, and layout with the new version of the WooCommerce block plugin. The blocks are an interesting plugin to create sales pages and adding products with great content. The WooCommerce new blocks have bundles of enhancement and updates which can be merged in the WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce Development Services can help in:

  • Professional help
  • Easy customization 
  • Managing frontend or backend of the platform
  • Offering a wide range of tools
  • Good client service
  • Scalable and flexible services

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce solution for many of the online business ideas. The platform is flexible, free, and user-friendly stores content. The WooCommerce website needs to reach optimal levels and better performance to make a mark in the market. WooCommerce Development Services specialize in creating a website from scratch or growing a small or large scale business. Every platform needs an experienced firm that knows the market trends and worked on WooCommerce plugins. The WooCommerce platform would be coming with many such updates and releases, you might not want to miss them. We are here to resolve the issues and grow the business with the new version in the WooCommerce blocks plugin.

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