Voice Search: A Wave Of Change In SEO Strategies

The technology has outwitted its boundaries, especially when it comes to the market of the internet. A place where websites and eCommerce stores have gained maximum amount of business.

What keeps these websites constantly upfront with the readers? It is the SEO strategies. There is no surprise that SEO tactics keep evolving from time to time. Taking forward the same idea the Voice Search in SEO has taken a prominent place in the market.

Speed is the most vital element of navigation and nothing can be more efficient than mouthing a few words and getting the results.

There is no science or law behind the process of Voice search. With just the command of voice, all your desired answers will come at one place. At the same time, the assistants also get back with results in audio results, saving you the time to read.

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The capabilities of voice search are backed up by technologies like Google, Siri, Cortona, Amazon. In addition to this, Voice search is equipped with audio technology.

Vital for User-Experience

The keywords of a voice search in SEO are optimized in quite a different manner than those normal terms. Having said that their keywords are long-tailed to match the requirements of the user.

Now, if your website has been optimized to function with voice search, the users will find it easy to reach out than the websites which haven’t been optimized.

According to the statistics, Google I/O announced that more than 20% of the searches came from voice command. This indicates that more and number of people are switching towards the comfort of speaking.

The Face of SEO with Voice Search Optimization

Somehow, there are factors that will change the face of SEO Services with the Dominance of Voice search. A list of those factors and changes can be seen as stated below.


  • A Notion towards Semantic Search


When the users are made to type their search on Google, their search terms are near about precise. In this situation, it is easy for Google and other search engines to understand the user’s requirements.

On the other hand, with voice search, users get the speech of freedom which results in bringing long queries. The act of understanding the user’s requirement is known as Semantic search which becomes more important in voice search results.


  • Keywords that ask Questions


The statistics via observation state that when readers are using their speech to search, they are most likely to ask questions. For example, which is the best salon near me? Where is the nearest gas station? Who was Adolf Hitler? and many more.

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All these questions indicate that your keywords need to make a shift from simple sentences to a question format. Moreover, Google ranks pages that give a solution in question and answer form as compared to others that don’t.


  • Redefine the Content Strategy


Content is everything that matters in keeping the rank of your website up with Content Marketing Services. With voice search, it’s time to re-strategize the way content is framed.

Use an informal and conversational tone to connect with your readers. Write in the manner a person would think or speak.

It is because the advent of voice search in SEO has made the search terms more informal and convenient than before.

Inculcate the services of the best digital marketing company to get expert guidance on content optimization.


  • Optimization of Voice Assistant Needs


The voice assistants are at the heart of voice search. As far as these assistants will remain optimized your website shall flourish with leads and traffic. Each assistant comes with a different method of being Pleased or let’s say Optimized.

Starting from Google assistant, it is made to focus on featured snippets and also coordinated with Google play. Then comes Alexa, the Amazon queen which is all about keeping an eye on Bing, Yelp and featured snippets.

The rest like Siri and Cortana are defined just like Google assistant along with infusing compatibility with their respective operating systems.

Future of SEO

Wondering if the old tactics will still remain intact? Yes, SEO has definitely opened its gates for voice search. But the old practices like on-site, off-site optimization, adding backlinks and mobile-friendly platform form a part of the best digital marketing company’s recommendation till the date.


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