Proven Ranking Factors Behind the Voice Search Optimization

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Having a good rank of a website is a crucial issue today. “Keeping short and to the point” motto is followed by voice search engines. To improve your website’s rank using voice search optimization tips.

Before understanding the approaches which are offered by top-notch organizations as professional SEO services, we need to take to use best for voice search, we need to understand how much people are actually using it.

According to an American capitalist’s Internet Trends report in 2016, between 2008 to 2016 voice searches increased more than 35% and to multiple geographical locations, more than 40% of the population used voice recognition search for daily purpose in 2016. It is been assumed that more than 50% of searchers will be voice-based by 2020.

Now we know how much people are searching using voice, but what are the rules which we can use to get our content in front of all?

  • Voice Search Ranking Factor

Page speed is an indicative factor, voice search results generally come from faster loading pages. Approximately 41% of voice search results came from featured snippets. Voice search rank relays on desktop ranking content. This might be association rather than casual, however. The schema has a direct impact on voice search ranking despite that 63.6 % of voice search results don’t use schema at all. Google relies highly on very authentic domains for results but pages not as much.

Voice search results are mostly 29 words, though Google sources voice results come from long-form content. We need to keep in mind we need to satisfy entity and the intent when trying to optimize for voice and general search as each page we create.

  • Entities

Entity search is a more precise method for bots to understand user’s motto while mapping supplementary verified sources to answer a search. To gather information which is relevant to the question, Google requires to search their database entities for the relevant results and determine the most suitable ones to satisfy the searcher’s intent. The searcher will then compare that with the other entities related to it determine its different traits.

Google sees us as the authoritative answer, entities relate to each other and giving concise and easily digested information on as many related topics as possible.

By providing additional questions rather than answering the first question you can increase the probability our content will satisfy the user intends.

  • Circling Back

To rank better, you need to have longer content. It also excludes all possibility that the entity selection is wrong by providing longer content to answer the user intent  The bio is on a strong site such as my position, website and Twitter profile is tied to entity relationships.

  • Intents

It is critical to ranking well for voice search because what we see here is that covering as many related entities and questions as much as possible in our content. From previous queries, Google identifies intent based on a combination of related factors that are notability, relatedness, and contribution.

However, if you’re a smartphone user then you might be well versed in voice search trends. Well, the above mentioned are the finest tip that can be helpful in ranking your w and can be counted as prebsite better professional SEO services.

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