The Rising Industry Of Online Food Ordering System

Online Food Ordering System

Nowadays in this era of online booking customers to book or order anything from anywhere using mobile application or e-commerce website. Online booking or order has been proved a great source for business from the wide range of sectors to grow business. The best way to make your customer happy is to provide online food order system. There are many products related to the food industry that we can order online that includes food service, agriculture, and many other things.

If we talk about the growth of food industry then you need not worry about investing your money on this because the progress of your business will be assured and you will be able to get profit by this. Before this, people use to order food by going to the restaurants and by phone. However, since the last few years’ online food industries have encouraged the people a lot by providing huge discounts and other deals.

During weekends, we always try to get some excited, delicious and something new in food. Therefore, by using an online food order system you can get your food to be delivered to your door without consuming too much time.

Let us have a quick look to understand all the functional possibilities required for this online food order system:

Customer Module:

  • An individual account (payment details, fixed delivery addresses, preferences, and order history);
  • Search functionality including filters based on location, cuisine, restaurant name, price range, or other aspects;
  • A restaurant listing and a menu to list all the food items of the restaurant;
  • Forgetting the current location of the customer, it should have correct GPS capabilities it will allow to get the nearby restaurant.
  • Optionally can apply coupon codes and discounts on any order.
  • Can manage the referrals earn through share & invite.
  • Different secure and reliable payments methods (Debit & credit card payments and integration with third-party payment systems, such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.).
  • Tracking functionality to track the order and delivery status.
  • Calling directly through the app for contacting the driver;
  • A customer can submit feedback by providing ratings and reviews for restaurants 
  • A customer can contact the support team.

Courier Module:

  • An individual account (successful orders, feedback, and choices);
  • Get nearby orders based on the location;
  • Google Map integration for getting accurate routing as in-app navigation.
  • Can contact the customer directly through the app.
  • Can submit feedback for a customer on order completion.

Restaurant dashboard:

  • Proper management of the food items and its details listed in the menu.
  • Order Management
  • Point-of-Sale integration in the existing system with proper delivery management solutions.
  • Complete POS Solution working exclusively with restaurants (Food Menu, Order Processing, Multiple Payment Options, Sending request to couriers for food delivery.
  • Management of reports and accounting;
  • Loyalty Program Management, and
  • Staff management.

Admin Panel

  • User management and its role.
  • Order Management
  • City and Location management for users
  • Menu Management
  • Offer, Discounts and coupon management
  • Approve or reject delivery boy request

There are many important things that need to be done properly for making your system work efficiently. There should be complete support for customer service, you should be able to handle customer service, resolve disputes, proper communication between customer, courier, and restaurants.

Challenges faced during the development of the Online Food Ordering System:

One of the main points that need to are while developing this system is to provide all the operations and support activities efficiently between all the parties (Customer, Restaurants, and Courier).

Below are the various things that need to be considered for efficient use of the system:

  • Should have trusted restaurant partners to run cost and time efficient business.
  • Partnership with the professional delivery company to ensure your customers a reliable service.
  • Emphasis on suitability and the promptness of your delivery service.
  • Deliver outstanding customer service is extremely important.
  • Investment in the food industry is high so the allocation of all the resources business at all the time according to your online food service.
  • Should have search engine optimized and social media friendly platform.
  • Create a complete database of restaurants in the targeted location with contact details, menu, areas of delivery, etc.
  • Should have a simpler order placement procedure with the accurate order details.

Common Online Food Ordering and supply brands

Nowadays there are several brands that take food delivery orders and some of the well-known online food delivery brands are listed below:

Just Eat ( )

GrubHub (

Seamless ( )

Delivery Hero ( )

Swiggy (https )

Zomato ( )

Uber Eats ( )

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