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The Power of Pimcore for Product Information Optimization in eCommerce

The Power of Pimcore for Product Information Optimization in eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is now changing more rapidly than ever! And one of the biggest reasons for it is constantly evolving consumer preferences. As you are in the constant quest to make your business stand out in the crowd, adhering to the ever-changing consumer preference is a must.

And for that, you cannot neglect the utilization of product content! Thus, you can hire Pimcore developers to seek product content optimization and management, ensuring better information conveyance to the customers. 

As the dominance of digitalization is increasing immensely in the world, it is now more important than ever to create accurate, engaging and compelling product content. So, in this article, you will get a clear insight into how you can use PIM to optimize the product content of your online store.

How is Product Content Important for Your eCommerce Success?

Before diving deeper into the utilization of PIM for your product content, let’s understand why it is important for eCommerce success.

As you know, eCommerce customers do not have the feasibility of interacting with your store products physically. Therefore, it is the product description or content that they mostly count on for making the purchase decisions.

The information that you provide with the product will be a very important touchpoint for enticing the site visitors to be your buying customers. Therefore, the content you use for the products should be compelling enough and must captivate your audience.

Focus on educating your site visitors about the benefits and features of a product and let them know how it can help them overcome their specific pain points. Here are some of the things that will express the importance of product content optimization even better:

  • Concise, persuasive and informative product descriptions, incorporated with high-frequency keywords, will help you with better SEO and organic ranking. 
  • You can use the product content to highlight the USPs and make it differentiate from all the similar products that are available in the market. 
  • Highlighting detailed technical specifications will help you support the informed purchase expectations of the customers, which will enhance their overall experience with your store. 

In What Ways Can PIM or Pimcore Help with Product Information Optimization?

Hiring eCommerce development services to get your store ready is just one part of the business journey. The second is yet to be fulfilled, which is to add products, categorize them and compellingly describe them. As the competition in the eCommerce domain is very intense, let’s see in what ways Pimcore developers can help optimize product information and make your store stand out:

1. Optimizes Keywords for Diverse Pages

It is quite common for online shoppers to do research on search engines for their favorite products before finally deciding on making the purchase. Therefore, you can hire PIM experts to help you optimize the site pages with specific phrases and keywords, which will boost your search engine rankings.

Following that, upon analyzing the search data, Pimcore developers will utilize the tool to pick the most commonly used keywords for every product. They will ensure that those keywords are included within the metadata or content of the specific product pages. 

With the use of PIM, you will be able to incorporate keywords into the product management attributes anytime you want. It means you will be able to make your product content run to achieve SEO goals right from the start, as the pages will be already optimized for the search engines. 

2. Publish High-Quality Pages with the Concise Content

Most newcomers in the eCommerce industry are unaware of how PIM relates to the product content optimization aspects of your store. But you must know that PIM, with the help of Pimcore developers, can help you acquire high-quality content for the products.

With complete and accurate product information, you will be able to create dedicated content and use the specific keywords that the audience is actively operating to look for your offerings. Thus, high-quality product pages with SEO-rich content will eventually help increase your store visibility. 

With PIM SEO, you will be able to focus more on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. High-quality product content and pages will add ample value to your store for the audience. Pimcore developers will ensure that the product pages on your store have complete and accurate information, including images, specifications and product descriptions.

3. Centralizes the Product Data and Supports Enrichment

PIM is a software system that allows you to bring all the product-related data under one roof and store it in a structured manner. With this centralization, it will be easier for you to overcome data silos, ensuring all the stakeholders of the business get to access the updated information.

Not only that, but as you have all the product information in one single dashboard, it will be easier for you to utilize them all for curating your content accordingly. The PIM systems also introduce intuitive UIs for seamless data enrichment. You will be able to streamline the process of uploading products or updating current information. 

4. Automated Image Transformation

Mobile compatibility of the product pages is highly crucial in the modern era to ensure your business attains success. This is because a lot of online shoppers use tablets or smartphones to access your online store. Therefore, search engines like Google have now started ranking mobile-optimized sites higher.

To be mobile optimized, your product pages must be able to display the content in a dynamic manner, irrespective of the kind of device the customers are using. PIM system, backed with DAM functionality, will enable automation for an image or video resizing, depending on whether the site is accessed on mobile or watch screens. 

It means the video or image content on the product page will conform itself with varying resolution and aspect ratios to meet the channel-specific needs. With such automation, no matter how your customers tend to access your product pages, the images or videos will convey the same information as expected to drive more conversions. 

5. Integrate Sales Representative Feedback

It is very important for you to acquire customer feedback in order to determine the proficiency of your product pages. With the feedback you will be able to shape or curate your brand messaging and optimize the product content or pages in a way such that they can drive more conversions.

But beyond customer responses, it is also important to acquire sales representative feedback. It is because they are the individuals who are handling the job of selling your products or pitching customers with its benefits all day! Believe it or not, your sales representatives know what kind of optimization your product content or page needs for better conversions. 

Therefore, gathering sales rep feedback or comments, either openly or anonymously, can be a great resource for you to optimize the product content and page as a whole. With the use of PIM, you will be able to gather sales rep feedback as search terms that they prefer using on the dedicated sales channels.

6. Create Persona-Driven Product Content and Pages

As of today, running an online business demands you to sell your products across different platforms as possible. For instance, even after selling on your official store, you can still list yourself on Amazon for selling your products in that giant marketplace for better brand exposure. You can take the help of a product development company to establish your presence across multiple channels.

You will need compelling content for your products at every channel where it is being sold. This way, you will be able to record a good rate of conversions from all your stores. When dealing with multiple sales channels, your product content should be driven by persona and not be standardized. 

Therefore, PIM enables you to tailor the product content by channel or buyer, which will help maximize the page traffic and ultimately enhance the rate of conversions. Not only that, but the PIM system can help you segment the product content to feature the search terms that a potential buyer will use to find the selected products that you sell. 

Parting Words

When you are running an eCommerce business, every product page of your site will need careful strategy executions for ranking high within the search results. With the Pimcore developers implementing PIM strategies, you will be able to add optimized content to your product pages to attract the eCommerce audience.

Not only that, but your store will also gain better visibility across the search engines that your customers use to look for your products. If you are selling a lot of products across diverse marketplaces, you will need to make a lot of product content optimizations to stay competitive across all those channels. 

Take the help of experts in the process, and let them integrate the best capabilities of Pimcore and leverage the potential of it for product information optimization. This will not just bring you more traffic, customers and conversions but will also enhance your store performance and responsiveness as standard outcomes. 

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