3 Successful Ways to Use SEO Services Effectively for Bloggers

It has been observed that bloggers are not able to utilize SEO properly because they do not have a fair idea of how it works. One section of bloggers perceive that writing SEO optimized content means stuffing keywords in the paragraph and headers. This is not the right way to do SEO activities on blogs. At the most basic level, Digital marketing is the way of depicting your blogs in a manner that it becomes easier for reputed search engines like Google and Bing to search for your blog. The most critical aspect for a blogger is to market their blog site in order to maximize its target outreach. But, most of the time they get lost which ultimately results in making them adapt for tactics that are potentially harmful to their websites.

There are lots of SEO tips available for bloggers on the internet. But, with so many choices available, bloggers find it difficult to find the right way to promote their blogs higher up in the search results page. The shortcut SEO tactics that you utilize today can become toxic in months to come. The other part of the quandary is the fact that the algorithm that Google employs keeps on changing. Good news is, the best practices of SEO remain the same. If you adopt these concepts and tricks, it will increase the web traffic of your blog site. Remember, you do not want to spend the sleepless night due to the reason that Google is going to update Panda / Penguin / Webmaster.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will provide fruitful information pertaining to the use of SEO services if you are a blogger. We promise after reading this content piece, you will become more confident of using SEO services in USA by taking the help of a professional SEO services provider.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

Keep your target audience in mind while writing blogs

There is a misconception amongst bloggers that SEO content is all about writing for the search engines rather than the people. Unfortunately, there are certain bloggers who are still following this practice. But, after the Hummingbird update and voice search trends, things have changed for the better.

With the help of the Hummingbird update, it was possible for Google to comprehend the intention of the searches. For example, if you search on Google with the keywords “places to get pizza”, Google would be able to decipher that you are looking for a restaurant that sells pizzas. This way the search engine robots have also changed. Now, they look to answer specific queries of the visitors. The focus today is on semantic search instead of stuffing keywords.

Back to the present, imagine your purpose to use Google or Bing. It is mostly employed to get answers to your questions. Today, it has become imperative for bloggers to write content in such a way that it answers specific queries of your target audience. Instead of merely being a place to stuff keywords in the write-up.

Every blogger hopes to get other websites to link to your content. This is one of the strongest determinants to get higher search results ranking. Never use “black hat” link building tactics like buying links from low-quality blogs in order to get as many links as possible on your blog site. This is one of the shortcuts used by bloggers earlier which was not effective in the long term.

Today, it has become extremely vital for bloggers to build relationships with the target audience in order to achieve successful link building. Remember, people, link to websites that they trust. If you start gaining their trust, it will become that much easier for you to get them link to your blog. This way you will be able to reach a much wider target audience while earning backlinks or two in the process. Even if you do not get the backlink, it will make influencers to start sharing your content. This way you will have a lot to gain at the very end of the process.

Use On-Page SEO tactics effectively

It is important to note that on-page SEO is much easier to control than off-page factors like backlinks. Although a lot has been talked about on-page SEO, you are not required to be extremely technical to get the right results. Simply do the basics right and you are good to go.

SEO-friendly URLs

Always remember that the URL of your blogs should clearly decipher the topic that you are discussing. If in case, your blog post is about the top Christmas gifts for your furry pal. Instead of having a random URL like “”, it should be “”. Always keep your URL limited between 2 to 5 words. Also, do not forget to include the target keyword.

Meta title

A meta title is nothing but a title that helps to decipher a search engine the main topic of your page. It shows up on the top of the browser and also in the search results. Always make sure that you include the target keywords in the title. Also, ensure that it is natural without any keyword stuffing.

H1 tag

The H1 tag resonates the headline of the webpage. In case, you are using WordPress, the post title will automatically become your H1 tag. But, there are times when certain themes will override this feature. Hence, it is always wise to double-check.


There are certain subheading tags like h2 and h3 which assist in structuring your post. With the help of the sub-headings, it becomes easier for the readers and search engines to navigate your content.


By integrating multimedia in your posts, it makes your blog posts look more visually attractive. It is equally important for you to optimize your images by setting an alt tag. With the help of this function, it becomes easier for search engine bots to recognize the images that you have added in the content part. Always remember, your alt tags should be able to describe the images that you are adding in your blog post.

By integrating links that are linked to your blog post assists search engines to comprehend the topic of the content. It is even possible for you to reach for websites to link with your blog posts and build a healthy relationship. As a goodwill gesture, they may also share your post with their target audience.

In case, you are blogging for a very long time it is possible that you have built a strong arsenal of contents to interlink. By adding internal links i.e.; linking one blog post with another post will aid search engines to comprehend the topic of your blog content. It will also keep the people on your blog site for a very long time.

By using the different ways mentioned in this write-up, you can utilize SEO services effectively for your blogs. In case, you need any help contact a professional SEO Services provider today!

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