Advanced E-commerce SEO Tips to Improve SEO Results in 2018

E-commerce SEO tips

SEO plays an important role in enhancing the ranking of websites on search engines. The use of more effective keywords will help your web pages to gunner more visits from online users and make your website to be placed high on search engines. E-commerce websites have been encountering issues from very long but Magento eCommerce Development Company can enhance the search results and rise up your website rank in search engines because of use of excellent SEO tactics. If you would like to enhance your SEO of E-commerce Site, below are tips.

1) Use Amazon Keyword Research

You understand Amazon is the top selling online store and it ranks top of all search engines when search any product keywords.

This is not by chance because amazon uses wonderful and effective keywords that its users search for. You can make use of their keyword research panel and come up with excellent keywords that will make your E-commerce surface on top of Search engines.

2) Look Relevance of Keyword by Doing Competitor Research

On any product you deal with, there are competitors who also use the same keywords as yours. You need to find all these keyword and from them, make sure you create quality keywords that will make you stand out compared to them. You will have increased outcomes and your E-commerce site will rank high.

There are various software tools you can use to make keyword competitor analysis. One of them is Ahrefs and makes you to analyze competitor keywords, know where to link your work and also if research if your keywords are relevant or not.

3) Amazon Listing Optimization – Content

From your primary keywords, which most of them normally contain product names, you need to create informative content that will be relevant to the user.

Content is essential makes it makes your brand to have a voice to your to target audience and search engines are also weighing pages to see which one is perfect to rank high.

Use of Bullet points is more effective compared to paragraphs.

3.1 ) Amazon Product Tittle

There are some tips you need to use when creating a Tittle on Amazon.

First you need to make sure your tittle has a keyword and it contains 200 characters long including spaces and full stops.
Your tittle needs to include product name and its category.

Capital the first letter of every word, all measurements should be spelt and you do not need to include measurement unless it is really necessary.

4) Product Reviews for Amazon Listing Optimization

Reviews are not essential when it comes to ranking but they boost traffic and enhance sales because many people like to shop on perfectly reviewed products.

You will boost customer trust because many people rely on reputation when choosing products on Amazon. Address all your negative reviews accordingly because they could ruin your brand reputation.

5) Product Images for Amazon Listing Optimization

Images escalate click through rate because people are able to understand what you are selling and the quantity you have. There are hero images, Lifestyle images, unique selling images and many other kinds of images that you can use. Optimize your images and make sure they are all relevant.

As advised by many Magento Development companies, SEO success is not permanent because competitors are always on the move to better their rankings. Use Google analytic tools to make sure your website SEO is up to date and if not make the proper adjustments so as to stay on top of search engines.

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