What Trending in the Latest Update of Magento 2.2.4

Latest Update of Magento

Today’s technology-driven world, Magento always come with their new version with new features. Here, good news for the Magento developers and store owners. Magento release fresh new version of Magento 2.2.4 and the release date is May 2, 2018. Let’s check the newly updated version and it’s just over 1 month from the release of Magento 2.2.3.

Magento developers has contributed their quality efforts to present Magento Open Source 2.2.4 and in the Magento Commerce 2.2.4 versions. Magento 2.2.4 comes with the functional fixes with enhancements, addition number of different contributions from the wider Magento community and Magento development.

Magento 2.2.4 has some exciting features like:

1. Remarkable new bundled extensions

The new version comes with many third-party extensions, uncommonly Amazon Pay, Vertex, Klarna Payments and Dotmailer. An add instant and accurate tax and shipping calculations right from the cart.

Amazon Pay comes with the much faster and easier, even more secure since the time tour store can enjoy advance fraud protections from Amazon.

Vertex simplifies and integrated with the target of automating the sales tax calculation process. Now, payable to Vertex, the buyers will get the accurate tax amount directly to the cart so if there is any modification the cart if necessary before going to the checkout. This enhancement will help you to minimize the current cart abandonment rates.

Klarna Payments is another new payment method. This is more convenient payment options such as Pay Now, Pay Later, Slice It (pay in installments).

2. Countless fixes and Improvements to Magento Shipping and Dotmailer.

Dotmailer uses when merchants want to create their own transactional email templates.

Magento Shipping enhancement capabilities have been expanded and Any Magento website development company use this method.

3. Improvements in performance with the fixes and enhancements to core features and enable faster shopping with image loading and search performance enhancement.

4. Almost 200 plus community contributions. Community contributions include performance- tuning enhancement addition at least 80 engineering fixes.


Well, this is the whole scenario of Magento 2.2.4 with there new features. Every Magento Development Service follows new features for fastest growing their customers. With the use of different types of the payment bundles and fix the errors.

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