SEO FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

  • What is SEO?

    Search engine optimization is a proven digital marketing technique that has a tremendous potential to invite genuine leads to your website by ranking your website high on search engine rankings. It is an organic digital marketing technique which consists of a number of activities such as On-page and off-page optimization of the website, content creation and distribution, backlink activities, and others. When your website gets the top rank on search engine results for relevant keywords, you will likely to see more genuine traffic on your website. In the long run, an effective and scalable SEO strategy can also make your digital presence strong and authoritative.

  • Why does my business need a growing web presence?

    Because the digital sphere is the new hub for customers who want to purchase almost anything. With the increasing use of smartphones, people love to check out about products and services before making a final purchase. If you are not there to serve and lure them, they will simply go to your competitor who is there, making genuine efforts to attract your customers. Digital marketing is no longer an option for enterprises and businesses, it has become a necessity.

  • Why is SEO important?

    Search engine optimisation brings genuine traffic to your website, customers who really are interested in your offerings. You have not paid for it, rather you have earned it. Search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing keep changing their search and ranking algorithms and you need to amend your SEO strategy accordingly to keep up the pace. Search engines are very serious to show genuine and authentic search results to offer relevant results to the customers. When the SEO efforts are genuine and in the right direction, you will surely get benefits in the long run. Not just traffic, you will also get brand credibility and an authoritative position in the digital sphere. And, you can get help from Professional Seo Services too.

  • Why does SEO take time to show results?

    SEO is not like PPC where you have paid for relevant keywords to get instant traffic. The search engines are becoming smarter to offer the best, high-quality and relevant results based on the users’ intents and you need to put genuine efforts and techniques to build brand credibility and authenticity. Yes, SEO takes more time to show results, but they only offer genuine leads that can be easy to convert into revenues.

  • A backlink is just a link from one website to another and is also considered as one of the ranking factors by most of the search engines. When highly credential websites give links to your content, it means that they find you trustworthy and genuine information sharing brand. Your efforts should be in the direction of getting high-authority backlinks that will make a significant difference to your search engine rankings.

  • What is content marketing?

    In the SEO circles, the phrase “Content is the King” is very much popular and for the right reasons. You cannot imagine an SEO strategy without a well-defined content marketing strategy. Content could be in any forms such as text, videos, infographics, images or white papers. You need to ensure that you come up with high-quality, original, readable and engaging content that can make an impact and educate readers about the relevant subjects.

  • What is domain authority?

    The domain authority is a search engine ranking score of a particular website which shows how well a website will rank on the search engine result pages. It ranges from 1 to 100 and depends on multiple factors such as linking root domains, the number of total links, and others.

  • What is On-page SEO?

    On-page SEO is an SEO tactic that is all about doing a number of activities such as image optimisation, keyword optimisation, schema markup, and others. It includes content and the HTML source code of a page, but not external links and pages. On-page SEO optimisation is a very important part of the SEO strategy.

  • What is keyword research?

    Keyword research is an important exercise to do to understand all the search queries your customers might make when they search for products and services you offer. These keywords must be optimised to fetch genuine traffic on your particular page. Mostly, experienced SEO professionals do keyword research and come up with a number of keywords which are ranking on the search engines. Your whole content writing and marketing efforts also depend on keywords.

  • What is Off-page SEO?

    Off-page SEO is all about external things you do as per the SEO strategy such as content generation and distribution, backlink activities, guest posting, and others.

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