Important Highlights On Google Algorithm Update May 2020


What are Google Algorithms?

Google’s algorithms are a network system used to collect data from its search list and display the best possible results for a query. The search engine uses a combination of algorithms and various ranking signals to present web pages. The pages are arranged by importance on its search engine results pages (SERPs).

During early days, few updates were done by Google to its algorithms which have increased to thousands every year now. Many of these updates are often neglected as they are so petty. However, the search engine occasionally releases notable algorithm updates that considerably influence the SERPs like:

  •         Rankbrain
  •         Panda
  •         Mobilegeddon
  •         Penguin
  •         Fred

Recent algorithms update 2020

On 4th May 2020, Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan declared via Twitter that Google algorithm update 2020 would be released that would take 1-2 weeks to roll out completely.

May 2020 is the second update in 2020 with the first one launching back in January.

The Purpose of Core Updates

The core updates are performed to bring about striking effects across search results in all countries in all languages. Sites observe ups and downs in search rankings when a core update rolls out. The changes are a representation of content accordance.

If the content has acquired importance after the last update, it will go higher up in the rankings and vice versa.

Therefore, rankings can change around quite a bit. With this being the first update since the Coronavirus pandemic, May 2020 update has the potential to be exceptionally volatile.

First update after the Pandemic

The previous update was in the second week of January 2020. At that time CoronaVirus and COVID 19 were not even being mentioned anywhere. However, one it was declared a pandemic later, the world has completely changed with a significant change in the search conduct of the user.

As per Google, never before have there been any searches as that for Covid-19. It has changed the requirements of people in Google search results, whether it is about the virus, buying indispensable products online or places offering remote services.

A lot of things that only a few searched earlier are gaining very high priority, and stuff that were once of utmost importance to searchers are of not much value anymore.

For example – searches related to hotels, restaurants and theme parks have gone down.

Blessing to the SEO Job market?

If the Google algorithm update 2020 tends to be as popular as it has the potential to be, it will be a great thing for the SEO market. Services provided by SEOs are of great value anytime an algorithm update takes place. The more volatile the update, the more valuable these seo services become.

May 2020 update: What steps to take?

There is nothing much to do if the ranking goes down after a core update. Rather site owners should keep the best content on their website for a user-specific query.

Who are the gainers and losers of the May 2020 Core Update?

There is no doubt that Google algorithm updates are aimed at bringing about significant changes in the search result; winners and losers undoubtedly have emerged from these searches.

It is very definite to observe drops and gains in the rankings once the complete core update is rolled out. For sure, during this pandemic, searches related to hotel, theme park, travel, tourism etc. will dropdown. Therefore, volatility for many of these categories will be quite possible.

Notably, maximum influence because of this core algorithm update appears on various industries, including many of those already influenced by the pandemic.

With the help of SEMRush sensor, a tool used to record Google’s SERPs volatility, a comparison on the average fluctuations was made seven days prior, and two days after the update announcement. The maximum affected categories are Health, Travel, People & Society, Pet & Animals and Real Estate. It holds for both Mobile and Desktop searches.

Another significant change noted was that in the case of vast domains. Almost half of the critical ranking changes in the US appear at websites where the traffic surpasses 1 million visitors every month.

SERP benefiter

An obituary site, benefited positions and popularity on the update. However, the largest gainer is the News sector. While everyone has been quite eager for the news updates in the last few months, a lot of media houses are earning unparalleled attention from users. Whatever they have been doing has been well appreciated and compensated in this update.

The most massive winner in the News sector is Indian Express. In the Business Division, many PR Houses have seen a significant ranking contraction. Sites like PR Newswire, GlobeNewswire and Businesswire have benefitted 50+ positions each.

SERP Losers

It is self-evident that offline entertainment has faced a significant setback with this update, and the websites linked to them as well. The site, Eventbrite, for those looking for some offline fun has lost roughly 44 positions.

Below are some industries that saw a major downfall in their positions:

· Arts and Entertainment
· Online Communities
· Business and Industrial
· Games
· News
· Shopping

Are you worried about the slip in your ranking?

You can have custom triggers set up for your Position Tracking Campaign that will automatically update you via email on the slip in rankings beyond a specific position as indicated by you.

What to do now?

If you are worried about how to survive through this storm, you may look for Google guidelines. It says that there is nothing much that one can do upon an algorithm update except for the fact that you keep updating your content regularly.


Therefore, it is essential to check if your content is authentic, of help to users, designed in a way to assist search engines and users and to ensure that SEO errors are fixed right away. Your content must be better than industry-standard and be able to offer all information to the search engines and searchers.

If you are planning to make any significant changes to your website, it is advisable to wait until the final Google algorithm update 2020 is rolled out.

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