Important Things For Developers to Sell Magento Extensions on Marketplace

Maximum Sale of your Magento Extensions


Being a Magento developer or partner, you would have enlightened a thought in your mind of listing your extension on Magento marketplace but hey! Aren’t you aware where to start from? No issues, as you’re in a perfect place so you won’t be facing any complications. So, without losing any single minute, let’s get you started selling your extensions on Magento marketplace.


  • Begin With Initial Part


Firstly, you have to be sure about creating an account which will lead you in submitting your extensions to Magento development portal. After which you will have to follow EQP (Extension Quality Program) and further step by step process for selling your extensions on Magento Marketplace.



  • What’s EQP Now?


EQP is an Extension Quality Program which analyzes each and every single extension functioning quality submitted to Magento’s developer portal so the buyer gets the rich quality extension for their website on Magento Marketplace. Under EQP process, extensions are tested to match Magento’s standards and it’s finest practices as Magento Marketplace is best in class place for Magento extensions.

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  • Working Of Core Process


Before you go further specifically, make sure you have submitted your extension packages for passing reviews.


  • Technical Review:- In this process, your extension will undergo automated installation test. If the test goes successful, your extension will be forwarded to the Magento’s QA team. Now at this point, being a developer of your own extension you will be involved in assisting Magento’s QA team if any error is found.
  • Business Review:- Basically, Magento will read and learn about your product and this review will introduce Magento audience with the functionality which your extension will give.
  • Marketing Review:- Well, it’s the last step. Once everything is being verified, Magento will have to be sure regarding an information under both the listing as well as the company’s profile is as similar as mentioned or not. After that, the distributors of Magento will come to know the value of your extension and its functionality which will be acquired by purchasing it.

Once all the above-mentioned procedure is finished, Extension Quality Program is one last process and when your extension passes it, your extension is ready for sale at Magento’s Marketplace. So, increase your Magento development skills and start selling your own extensions.

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