Know Everything About WordPress 4.9.2

WordPress 4.9.2, a most awaited security and maintenance version of WordPress is now available. This is an update for all the versions above 3.7. It is highly encouraged to update the sites immediately as it will solve all the cross site scripting vulnerabilities Flash fallback files in the MediaElement library.

An XSS vulnerability that was discovered in the Flash fallback files in the library included with WordPress. As these Flash files are no longer a necessity in the most use cases, they have been removed from WordPress.

This version basically contains a fix for the bug along with a WordPress plugin containing the fixed files available in the plugin repository.

Note only this, 21 other bugs were also fixed in this version of WordPress. Mainly those are mentioned below:

  • JavaScript errors that prevented saving posts in Firefox have been fixed.
  • The previous taxonomy-agnostic behavior of get_category_link() and category_description() was restored.
  • Switching themes will now attempt to restore previous widget assignments, even when there are no sidebars to map.

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