Reasons Your Ecommerce Store Needs A Mobile App

Competition in all kinds of businesses, whether Ecommerce or auto industry or software industry, has always been cold-blooded. For all good reasons, this neck to neck competition shall continue. Ecommerce is the online presence of a business that runs transactions online, considering customers convenience and mobility as well. With the internet audience increasing day by day, the Ecommerce industry is growing and has shaped the online shopping landscape for the customers as well as the retailers. Online business has opened new possibilities for business growth with efficient customer experience.

Smartphones are the next big thing and with these evolving behavioral patterns where customers, especially millennials are spending a significant amount of time on their smartphones, businesses need to evolve their strategies accordingly. The sales growth of Ecommerce in India is reaching the 25% mark. Today, businesses are actively investing in technology to add more advanced features in their online store.

Mobile apps have made businesses digital which helps businesses to fulfil customer’s demands in the m commerce industry. Special features in mobile apps like wishlist, notifications, multiple payment options, quick checkouts, etc. provide multi-device and multi-channel experience for your online store.

Benefits of mobile apps for your Ecommerce business:

1. Increases customer loyalty:

Consumers who decide to download your mobile app may show higher levels of investment in your brand. Visitors can purchase goods through your website as well, but it might require a login every time it as well as payment details will have to be updated each time if you don’t allow Chrome to save. Additionally, customers spend more time on mobile apps than on mobile sites. Vouchers, coupons and rewards are one of the most beneficial ways to increase the loyalty of your customers. To improve customer loyalty, you should try promoting deals with different methods like push notifications, rewards system, etc.

2. Convenience for shoppers:

Customers prefer a mobile app over a website when they want to buy something as an app offers more mobility, convenience and superlative experience. Mobile apps allow shoppers to buy goods anytime and anywhere. So having a mobile app will help you boost your business revenue.

3. Response time:

One of the major concerns of all online shoppers is speed of the website or the app. Mobile apps need significantly less time in comparison to a website to give a decent response as apps store their data to an extent on a mobile device. However, apps connect to servers exactly as websites do. Data transmission is ten times less between a server and a mobile app than between a server and a browser. And so apps retrieve data faster than websites. Also, users can set their apps preferences to help an app filter content as per the customers’ choice. So you can make use of filters when looking for specific products, so that the app shows you products only as per your choice. You can also shortlist products you like in the wishlist so that you don’t have to search for it again. This helps users to be more proactive and also does save time.

4. Decreases cart abandonment rate:

Mobile apps help decrease the rate of cart abandonment, which is a significant issue in the Ecommerce industry. According to some surveys and research did by Baymard, the average price of abandoned purchases is 69.23%. Mobile apps have a comparatively lower cart abandonment rate as it provides a simplified checkout process. Shipping and payment are saved in the system, allowing users to finish purchases online with a single click. This helps the customers to checkout faster without long processes or other distractions. Also, when customers use an app, they know what they wish to buy and are very certain of their purchase. For a fact, only 20% of carts are abandoned in apps.

5. High revenue:

Mobile Ecommerce apps

increase conversion rates, customer loyalty, and demonstrates lower cart abandonment rates. As per Statista, in 2020, mobile apps have managed to generate $188.9 billion in revenues. With the evolution of mobile apps in the e-commerce industry, the eco-system has increased sales using a user-friendly approach. Customers now prefer to shop from mobile apps as they are convenient, simple to use, and time-saving. For business owners, right now is the time to invest in mobile app development to fulfill the technology demands of their customers. It will also help them have a grand exposure and be in a prominent position compared to your competitors.

Some of the main reasons that encourage customers to spend more time on your online store are one-click ordering, secure payment, and push notifications.

  • A simple checkout process makes the whole process of purchasing products easy and fast. Customers will prefer apps with easy checkout instead of a long process that consumes more time. This will increase the number of customers returning to your app as they are aware of your services and won’t think twice about buying products from you.
  • It would be best if you also offer multiple payment options to choose from. If the customer chooses a credit card to make the payment, don’t make him/her add the information every time. Instead, you can suggest them to add the card details to speed up the payment process.
  • Also, share notifications with your customer database about the new deals and offers. You can also update them when a product is back in stock, which they were looking for. Notifications will help them remember your brand and attract them back to the app.

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