Optimizing Magento: Improve the Performance and Speed of Your eCommerce Website

Optimze Magento eCommerce Store

Magento is widely considered to be one of the best eCommerce platforms to build a site on, so you have made a good choice! That being said, there’s still a lot more a site owner/admin can do to further improve the performance of a Magento website. We are going to discuss some of those measures in brief in the forthcoming section.

Merge and Minify

CSS and JavaScript are the two types of sequences in a Magento site’s code, which can significantly slow it down. It occurs when the eCommerce site begins to grow beyond its initial size, but it’s a problem which can be fixed quite easily.Go to Advanced Settings > Developer from the admin dashboard and then select Yes for all of the following.

  • Merge JavaScript Files
  • Minify JavaScript Files
  • Merge CSS Files
  • Minify CSS Files

Do it periodically and your Magento powered online business website should be running just like newly minted.

Use Flat Catalog instead of Back-End

Flat catalog is a neat little trick to increase the available database size, but without really affecting the speed or performance.For performing this, go to Catalog > Storefront > Use Flat Catalog Category and select Yes from the admin dashboard.

Clean the Database

The database logs created by Magento are designed to help the admin keep track of everything, but when an eCommerce website starts growing, the number of logs also increases, slowing down the site and making it crawl at times, given that Magento holds them for three whole months!To solve this little problem permanently by simply going to General > Save Log Days from the admin dashboard and setting it to 14 days or lower if you wish. Also, clean house by deleting the saved logs from the database while you are at it.

Improving Sales with Optimized Images in Magento

Magento is extremely image-friendly by design, given that it is developed and constantly updated for retail websites in particular. However, you need to optimize your images for best performance. Check out this detailed guide that helps you do exactly that, although it’s not really a complicated process at all.

Finding the Right Images

In order to optimize images, you will, of course, first need the right images. This is where a reverse image search tool like Oberlo comes in to help you find them. When making money online, images are a critical part of a content strategy. A reverse image search tool is designed to help businesses find the right images for their individual products. It allows them to search for information and more images by inserting a related or specific image/image link into the search bar. Consider it similar to a Google search, but instead of text, you enter the image itself.For an eCommerce website, a reverse image search tool has the following advantages.

  • Lets businesses check out the competition, in relation to particular products
  • Business owners can find higher quality, professionally captured photos online of the products they have
  • If you have gained access to a photo you need, but do not own, you can find the original source and credit them to avoid copyright infringements
  • Businesses with unique, copyright-protected photos can search and find unauthorized users if there are any

Better Mobile Experience

The e-commerce website must be mobile optimized so that users can easily reach your platform. The audience of mobile shopping is rapidly growing and the Magento Developers are following the best practices to make it mobile-friendly. The e-commerce store should have a responsive design and each feature should be displayed on variant sizes of devices. Some Magento Development services can integrate your Magento e-commerce website with a simple checkout process that uses less time and effort of consumers. Such features and functionalities should be added to engage more audience and provide a user-friendly platform that is compatible with different devices.   Performance optimization plays a vital role in boosting sales and engaging more potential customers. Most e-commerce business often fails to get the best Magento Development services and have to face a huge loss in their business. We have given you a few tips to improve the speed and performance of your website but that would only be possible if you hire a professional Magento E-commerce Development company that has great experience in handling such tasks.These simple pointers are sufficient enough to provide an insight and guidance regarding what can be done to improve the performance of your online business. If you can add a few more along the way, even better!

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