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Magento 2 Price Negotiation extension enhances customer to bargain on the product prices thus prompting them to make more purchases. Offering good customer experience is of ultimate importance in the ecommerce platform. Various parameters such as lowest price limit, accept or reject message when the bargain offer is accepted or rejected.

For such situations, Price Negotiation Magento 2 is an effective technical solution for your web-store to motivate customers to buy more products from your store by negotiating the price.

Community: 2.2.x | Enterprise: 1.8.x

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Product Description

As per human tendency we generally want to buy the things that will be at the lowest price or we will bargain or negotiate to the extent that the price should fall under our expectation and satisfy our need.

Price Negotiate Extension Magento 2 is the most effective technical solution to your web-store to motivate customers to buy more products by negotiating the product price. Why don't you give your customer a chance to bargain right in your website? Negotiating using Price Negotiate extension will work for the mutual benefit of customer and seller both.

Key Features 

  • Customers can submit a request for quote with or without an account.
  • Customers can define the quantity they want to buy with requested price along with the message.
  • Admin can Accept, Re-offer or Reject the customers quote.
  • If an admin accepts the quote, one coupon code will be generated & customer can place the order using that coupon code.
  • If an admin Re-offers the quote with a new price then customers can negotiate again or can accept that quote and in this case again one coupon code will be generated & customers can place the order using that coupon code.
  • Whether an admin accepts/rejects/re-offers the quote request, Customers will receive email notification.
  • Admin can also delete the quote requests.

How It Works:

  • For example, a customer is interested to buy a pair of shoes from your store, where its actual price is $100, but the customer wants to purchase that by Price Negotiation and wants to suggest his price for e.g. $90. Or if the customer wants that product in bulk than he can request for bulk offers like, "I need to buy 10 shoes if you provide it in $80".
  • In this case, the customer can use the price negotiate service from your store by just clicking on "Negotiate" button on product list page or on product detail Page.
  • After receiving the request, the admin can accept, reject or re-offer the new price to the customer.
  • System will send the notification email to the customer (approved/Rejected/Re-offer new price).
  • The customer can easily check their request status on the My Account page under Negotiate tab.
  • By clicking on that link deal will be confirmed, the system will generate the new coupon code and mail to the customer. Using that coupon code customer can get the discount.
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