Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration : It is High time!

Magento 2 Migration

Why You Should Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2Are you in perplexity whether to remain on Magento 1 or to move on Magento 2. As of now a considerable lot of us is in the same confusion after the launch of Magento 2 has been declared. Magento 2 marketplace is not an upgrade version of Magento 1 but it is a complete transformation of the earlier version introducing many new features and improving the quality of service. Magento community has already decided their date of ending support for Magento 1.9.x and all the versions before 1.9.x of Magento. After 17th of November 2018, no official updates will be rolling out further.

Things missing in MAGENTO 1

Develop a store with the extensions made Magento which is very popular in the world of e-commerce. Having one great feature doesn’t make Magento the best stage to utilize, there was numerous such features absence in the Magento 1, for example, Backend complexity, responsiveness, administrator ability, Performance issues, slow speed, friendly UI, etc. Due to these many issues, the need for a newer edition required.

Which Features MAGENTO 2 provides in its upgrade?

  • Sleek Folder Structure:

The main difference one can see in Magento 2is its structured folder. All the objects are moved to the static folder like Index, Cron, Media. Having the smooth and easy structure makes the developers manage the static content with CDN. This makes the customization much smoother while having the well-organized new folder structure.

  • Improved Performance:

Magento 2 marketplace provides faster result than the earlier version as analyzed and checked by Magento 2 experts. Using this Magento 2 development tool edition, the user doesn’t need to fire queries, caching every page of CMS which will automatically boost the performance of the site. With the use of Magento 2, catalog pages could be handled in much better and in an easy way.

  • Checkout Process:

With the improvement done at checkout process where customer needs to fill less information, with this feature customer easily place order and checkout. By this conversion in Magento 2 have been improved and there is a huge reduction in abandoned carts.

  • Extensions usability:

Before doing market submission of any extensions, strict policies have now been followed. Extensions are passed through different testing and quality checks and with full assurance of testing which ensures that there is a good improvement of customization and performance.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

Admin UI for Magento 2 marketplace developed user-friendly which makes its new users understand the process very easy and in a sequential flow. With UI for Magento 2, it becomes very easy for the user to make a good store appearance within very less time than it was taken in Magento 1.

  • Support Mobile Platforms:

Now a day’s number of users who are shopping online uses mobile or tablets for purchase, Magento 2 development has taken this into consideration while designing such platform which should be compatible with the mobiles and tablets as well. For example, videos, sleek checkout process, etc. all have been changed to improve the customer experience.

  • Use of Advanced Quality Codes:

With the use of advanced quality codes, Magento 2 developers can develop their own set of codes from the best practices they maintained. Documenting various topics will help in the future to maintain and improve the code.


Your answer will be ‘Yes’, the most important reason for migration is that the support for Magento 1 platform will be until the end of 2018. So it will be not so good idea to use for you in case you need any support in Magento 1 platform at that time there would be no guidance available if you face any issue occurred.The other reason you need to consider is that after the announcement of the launch of Magento 2 enterprise, all the features upgrades for Magento 1 has been stopped and they are now only focused on the security patches.Everything is setup for the new edition of Magento 2 requirement and everyone is focusing now on the latest version. So it is better for you as well to migrate for the Magento 2 edition.In case you are planning to start a new business then it is advisable that opt for Magento 2 platform, it will be better to have the latest version from the start itself rather than migrating from Magento 1 to 2 after some times.

So contact your Magento 2 migration services provider for the Magento 2 migrations.

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