Lipizzan: Blocked A New Targeted Spyware Family

Lipizzan: Blocked A New Targeted Spyware Family

Google has spotted a new Android spyware that could spies on any kind of data from mobile.
Lipizzan is a multi stage spyware which can monitor user’s messages, location, voice calls and media.

How it works:

Lipizzan is multi-stage spyware developed by Israeli startup Equus Technologies, Google found at least 20 apps which were infected. It was distributed through Google play store and other several third party channels. Then on App installation, Lipizzan load second stage “license verification”.

Once implemented on a device, it can perform following task:

– Call recording
– User Location
– Taking screenshots
– Fetch media files and other information

Spyware is also able to fetch data from specific app including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Linkedin, and Viber. It gets full access to a device in several steps. It uses some android exploits to root the device and send victim’s data to the server.

Google has removed infected apps from play store and enhanced capability of google play protect to detect spyware. Lipizzan affected only 0.000007 percent of all Android devices. It is very common for malware like Lookout-discovered Pegasus on iOS and Chrysaor on Android.

How to protect yourself

– Use google play store for install mechanism
– Keep “Unknown source” disabled under settings
– Ensure you opted in Google play Protect

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