Ionic + Angular Development: Strengthen the App Store and the Web


What is Ionic Framework? Ionic helps in building high-performance and progressive mobile or web applications that have look and feel on different devices. It is an open-source framework and helps in easier development of the power apps. The universal web component can be paired with AngularJS development to enhance the features and functionalities. The AngularJS developers have built the most stable and user-friendly websites that deliver a great experience. The ionic framework uses web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It focuses on the frontend or UI interaction that is  

Why Angular for Mobile?

AngularJS Development Company is already using Ionic and angular that is holding many powerful applications on the major platforms. Angular fits nicely in mobile development because of its interaction with the backend web services and external data sources.  AngularJS developers are using this platform as it has modern software development practices and easy to use efficient codes.Some noteworthy features of Angular:

Three-way Data Binding

The idea behind the data binding in Angular is when UI updates then the model is also updated. The three-way includes UI, in-memory data, and backend services. 

Reusable Logic

AngularJS development runs on a logic that keeps the view, data model, and application logic separately. This means that the developers can reuse the web application logic on many devices and also customizing the UI at the same time. 


Angular uses the Dependency Injection which enables the developer to work on any piece of code from anywhere. This is important because the slow develop-deploy-test cycle wastes a lot of time setting up and debugging the environment. Testing can be easily done using Angular and makes a huge difference.   

Mobile UI with Ionic

Ionic has a huge collection of mobile-friendly components and utilities that help in building great apps with web technologies and AngularJS. The Ionic uses web standards that can fit into the frontend stack of desktop, mobile, or tablet. It is part of the quickly growing community of the AngularJS libraries that makes it faster and easy development.  

Benefits of using Ionic  

  • It uses CSS to style the elements
  • The documentation is clear and concise
  • It has native modules and built-in components
  • Ionic supports Angular with Angular CLI
  • Wide range of native modules

Web vs. App Stores 

Many factors differentiate a mobile application and a standard website. The applications are downloaded from the app store and have access to system resources and functions. Whereas the web apps are accessed via internet browser and adapt the device on which they are opened.     Let us see how both of the applications are built:

How Mobile Apps are Built? 

Mobile applications are more complicated to build as compared to web apps. The design and development should be done by a platform-specific approach. Once they are developed, they work faster and tend to have more advanced features and functionalities. Native mobile apps are built on Integrated Development environments using specific languages. Apple and Google do provide development tools, software development kit, and interface elements to build native mobile apps.

How Web Apps are Built?

Web applications are built using different languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. There is no standard software development kit for the development of web apps. These are easier and quicker to build which makes them loaded with many simple features as compared to mobile apps.   Let us see some pros and cons: 


Native Mobile App

  • They are faster than web apps
  • More features and functionalities
  • Can access system resources
  • Offline work
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Easier to build
  • Availability of SDK and development tools

Web Apps

  • No need to download
  • Easy maintenance
  • Updated automatically
  • Easy to build
  • No app store approval required to launch


Native Mobile App

  • More expensive than web apps
  • Compatibility issues different platforms
  • Costs more to maintain and update
  • Difficult to get approved from the app store

Web Apps

  • Does not work offline
  • Slower loading than mobile apps
  • Fewer features 
  • They are less discovered 
  • Quality and security might be compromised

The Best of Both Worlds

In recent trends of web development, there are some progressive web apps.  Progressive web apps are in between the mobile and web apps. They can load extremely faster and work offline. The application cache feature enables websites to store data offline and that lets them operate offline too. These features make them relatable to the native mobile apps and perform actions offline like push notifications, video playback, and audio capture.  

Why can Websites be the Best Choice in Some Cases?

Websites can be Instantly Available

They are independent of different ranges of devices like android, iPhone, or blackberry. They just need a browser to run and do not face any barriers in initial engagement and action with the viewers. 


A single website can reach many users on different types of mobile devices and website URLs an easily be integrated into mobile technologies. 

Can be shared Easily

Website URLs can easily be shared using a link that can be sent through text on different platforms. Publishers or owners can easily direct users to websites using the link. 

Saves Time and Cost

There are no extra efforts required to launch a website that can make its presence on different platforms easily. Website development is more cost-effective and saves a lot of time.

When can you Select an App?


An app is installed in the device only when it attracts the customers. Once it has its space in the device means that it gives good user-experience and interacts with them more closely. 


The mobile app has the access to the device and can be easily personalized as per the user’s comfort. These features help in reaching the customers easily and tracking their behavior on your platform.

No Connection Required

Many mobile applications do not require an internet connection to work, which helps the customers to utilize the services easily.We have tried to cover the important aspects of web and mobile apps through this blog. As the marketplace is changing daily be it AngularJS development or ReactJS development services people today are choosing the best choices to make their work easy and faster. As an experienced team of professionals, we can handle your queries and bring the best outcomes for you. Contact us now, don’t wait long.

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