Installing Magento SUPEE-8167 : The Complete Guide

magento SUPEE 8167

A new  upgrade Magento SUPEE-8167 was released very recently. SUPEE-8167 is a tiny patch with the latest PayPal IPN server location. This patch is required to keep the PayPal processing transactions after June 30, 2017. Thus in order to avoid disruptions in PayPal, and for its normal functioning, all users are required to install this patch.

In order to install this patch which is apparently very essential, you can use SSH. If you have access to SSH, the process becomes extremely simple for you. You simply have to apply the patch via SSH.

However, if you do not have SSH access, you can follow the below steps:

You can easily upgrade your installation to Magento version, that includes all the security patches which came later. This version contains all the latest patches.

If you cannot process the Magento upgrade due to any reason, you need not worry. You can still apply this latest patch using FTP/sFTP upload and continue your magento development.

For this, you first need to disable the Magento Compiler and clear the Compiler cache.


  • Apply the Magento patch via FTP/sFTp of the File Upload:

You can apply this latest patch in a simple way like we replace changed files. However, you must be cautious while doing this operation, as it could be lead to the loss of data if you are not careful enough.

For better magento development, the below file is changed by Magento SUPEE-8167:
1. First of all, select the patch bundle archive which is corresponding to the Magento version that you have, and unpack it.

2. Upload all the data (files, folders) to the Magento Root Directory of your store. Thus replacing all files.



  • Verify and clear Magento PHP opcode cache:

Navigate into the backend to System option. Click on Cache management and then on the Flush Cache button. If PHP opcode caches are being used, make sure that you flush them, or else it will keep running from the caches.

Test the smooth functioning of your store.

Follow any of the above-mentioned methods, and be sorted!

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