Important: New SUPEE-10497 for Magento Open Source

SUPEE 10497

Are you an eCommerce store owner using Magento Open Source Good! For the owners of using this version of Magento, there is a new security patch available. This new patch (SUPEE-10497) replaces the older versions of Magento security patch. The patch versions SUPEE-10266 & SUPEE-10415 that were released in September and November respectively are replaced by this SUPEE-10497.

Most recent patch installed Action required
SUPEE-10266 Remove and install SUPEE-10497
SUPEE-10415 Remove this and SUPEE-10266, and install SUPEE-10497.
SUPEE-9767 No need to remove this one. Just install patch bundle SUPEE-10497.


The new version comes with enhanced security and resolves all the bugs and vulnerabilities of the previous versions.

This patch combines SUPEE-10415 and SUPEE-10266 for Magento Open Source To install, remove both patches first then install SUPEE-10497.

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