How to Build a Successful Bigcommerce Store?


Are you searching for a go-to platform to build your e-commerce store seamlessly? While many businesses have already started their

Bigcommerce store to provide various services online. You must go for it too. The journey of building a successful business begins with the selection of the right e-commerce platform. This is where Bigcommerce comes into action as it has a plethora of functionalities and features to enhance your business performance. 

Aren’t you a Bit Curious? What Exactly is a Bigcommerce Store?

It is an advanced e-commerce platform that fuels your business growth. Bigcommerce development is a solution that allows business owners to start an online store and sell their products or services. Some common features offered by this SaaS platform provides are:

  •     It provides 12 free templates to everyone
  •     You can sell unlimited number of products
  •     Drag-and-Drop options to build pages
  •     Integration of various payment gateways
  •     Unlimited staff accounts
  •     Content Management System functionality
  •     Search Engine Optimization features
  •     Optimizing images automatically
  •     Integration with Email marketing services
  •     Discount and gift coupons
  •     Professional reporting

How do I Make my Online Store Successful?

Manage Products, Services, and Orders

Bigcommerce provides an easy-to-use interface with a user-friendly dashboard. This helps the business owners to manage orders, products, and returns.

Bigcommerce stores give customers to add filters based on categories, brand, price, and more. This makes your online store more accessible to customers.

Make your Store SEO-Ready

With increasing competition in the market, it becomes essential to achieve higher rankings on the search engines. The algorithms on search engines are dynamically changing, and the online stores should meet these changes to drive e-commerce growth. When you have Bigcommerce developers for your support, they will follow the latest SEO practices in your store. The platform already helps in adding keyword-rich information and auto-optimizes the titles and URLs.

Mobile-Friendly Template and Themes

A Bigcommerce store has a wide variety of templates and themes that are free and paid. These are responsive to all mobile devices and browsers. With such support, you increase your chances of generating profit through your e-commerce store. A responsive theme lowers the chances of cart abandonment and improves the conversion rate.

Marketing Tools and Analytics

Bigcommerce has built-in features to handle marketing. Some salient features offered by this platform are:

  •     Sell gift vouchers
  •     Offer various deals and discounts
  •     Auto-generate coupon codes
  •     Handle Email marketing campaigns

The analytics features help you to get business insights and run the e-commerce store efficiently. A Bigcommerce store is a reliable and powerful choice

to optimize your online store.

Tips to Create a Successful Bigcommerce Store

1.    Web Design

You might lose a lot of customers even after having the best products and services in the market. You can select a theme fromthe

Bigcommerce store and customize it as per your business requirements.

2.    Make Accessible Reach US page

When a visitor wants to reach you, they should not invest much time to search for it. Mention these in easily accessible place on the website:

  •     Contact number
  •     Email Address
  •     Social Media Channels
  •     Address

Include basic information about your business on each page.

3.    Give Excellent Online Support

Bigcommerce will help in providing support to the customers when they visit the website. Staying available to the visitors helps to show that you care about your customers. This helps in gaining visitors’ trust and gaining potential customers.

4.    Get more Digital Visibility

You can never take your customer for granted, and they will always expect some effort. A

Bigcommerce store helps in driving traffic on the website through search engines. This is done by adding SEO-friendly content on the website that improves your rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages.

5.    Add Multiple Payment Gateways

This helps in making your platform user-friendly. Any e-commerce store must have multiple methods to complete online transactions and provide an easy checkout process. A

Bigcommerce store keeps you way ahead of your competitors as it gives 60+ payment gateways. This will increase your e-commerce store reach and increase revenue.

Is Bigcommerce Better than Shopify?

We understand you are still in a severe dilemma about which one is better when it comes to

Bigcommerce stores vs. Shopify stores. Both are great platforms suitable for specific scenarios and target audiences. Let us tell you the Pros and Cons of both platforms:

Pros of Shopify Development:

  •     Great for adding sales features
  •     Variety of plans that matches your requirements
  •     The backend has various functionalities with the help of plugins and extensions
  •     Easy management with the inventory system
  •     Supports multi-channel selling
  •     Wide collection of themes and designs
  •     The support team is always available

Cons of Shopify Development:

  •     Limitations in scalability
  •     Might have transaction fees
  •     Switching templates is a hectic task
  •     URL structure is not SEO-friendly

Pros of Bigcommerce Development:

  •     Tons of features to support online selling
  •     No transaction fees
  •     Great SEO features to gain higher ranks
  •     The rapid growth of business
  •     Multi-channel support to enhance selling capabilities

Cons of Bigcommerce Development:

  •     The learning curve might be a bit complex for beginners
  •     Some coding knowledge if you have specific requirements
  •     Editing might not come in handy for people with less experience

Is Bigcommerce Development Profitable?

Bigcommerce is already growing, and expectations are that it will grow more in the future. Whether it is a simple website, blog, or e-commerce store, you need to have the right resources to succeed.

You have seen that the Bigcommerce store has a great collection of features to improve your business performance in the industry.


In this blog, you got an idea of how important it has become to invest in the right platform. A

Bigcommerce store helps you to reach your customers through the digital world. You might need some help to boost your sales and update your content regularly as per search engine guidelines. Reach us now! We have Bigcommerce store development experts to serve you better with their unique strategies.

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