How Good is WP Engine for WordPress? A Complete Review

Enhancing WordPress with WP Engine

WP Engine is the web host specific to WordPress that provides you with managed plans for exploring the usability of the entire platform. The aim of it is to provide you with highly stable and secure managed hosting for owners who have a serious goal associated with their sites. But how does it help you in achieving your goals through the website?

This WPEngine review will help you get clarity on some of the outstanding features of this web host over others. This review will give you an insight into the powerful features, performance enhancements, and support options available with WP Engine. So, let’s begin with decoding the perks of WP Engine.

What is WordPress WP Engine?


WP Engine, just like several other hosts, provides WordPress with managed hosting services. It might not be the only option out there for the site owners, but it is technically the best among all. It has more than 120,000 customers and boasts a profound experience in the domain.

Not just that, but as per the marketing materials are concerned, around 5% of the world’s online audience prefer visiting at least one WP Engine website in a day. The purpose of WP Engine is to offer you a reliable managed hosting solution, optimized especially for WordPress.

Let’s try and understand if WP Engine justifies the hype around the market further in this article.

Why Consider WP Engine as Your Host?


Elsner Technologies is one of the ample partners in the industry offering WP Engine integration for your WordPress sites. And that’s because of the rising trend and adoption of it!

The demand scale is quite high, and there’s no stopping it. But what is enticing people to rely more on WP Engine over other hosting services for their WordPress site? Well, here are a few reasons why you should consider WP Engine as a priority:

  • A perfect hosting environment, especially for the WordPress sites.
  • The hosting infrastructure is powered by the efficacies of Google Cloud.
  • An abundance of StudioPress themes for you to choose from for your WordPress site.
  • Automatic updates for your WordPress site.
  • Automated backups are created for the WordPress site.
  • Proper website development as well as staging environments.
  • Create transferable sites when handling WordPress site development for clients.

What are the Specific Features of WP Engine?


If you are about to hire a WordPress development company to help you with a perfect website, then do instruct them on using WP Engine as the host! Why? Well, here are some features of WP Engine that would entice you to stick to it for managing your site:

  • Supports easy and quick site migrations from your old host to the new.
  • Get a free SSL certification, which ensures optimal security for your website.
  • Better feasibility for creating your staging websites and deploying them.
  • Ample performance analysis and tracking tools for you to grow your site.
  • You can create multiple backup points for your WordPress sites.
  • Manage your site easily from an all-in-one central dashboard.
  • Great support solutions.

How is the Pricing of WP Engine Categorised?

When you hire WordPress developer to get your site ready, ask them about the diverse pricing plans for WP Engine, and take their help in choosing the most suitable one for your needs. Remember, WP Engine offers you with just managed WordPress hosting, and the different plans vary in terms of services they offer. So, here’s a brief insight into the plans:

  • Startup: This plan will cost you $20 per month and is the entry-level tier. With this, you will be getting around 25,000 visits every month, one site, local storage of 10GB and bandwidth of 50GB.
  • Professional: This plan will cost you $40 per month, and you can set up 3 sites, and will help you attend up to 75,000 visits every month. You will get local storage of 15GB with this plan, and the bandwidth will be 125 GB.
  • Growth: The pricing for this plan is $77 per month, the traffic count grows to 100,000, and up to 10 sites can be hosted with this plan. The storage flexibility is extended to 20GB, and the bandwidth is up to 200 GB.
  • Scale: You will get this plan at $194 per month, and it attends to up to 400,000 traffic counts. You can host up to 30 sites can be hosted with this plan, with local storage of up to 50GB and bandwidth of 500 GB.
  • Professional: The Professional plan starts at $600 per month, and for features, you must connect with the sales team. You will get ample resources or support to move your shared hosting to dedicated server hosting.

You get a 60-day money-back guarantee on any plan that you purchase. The process is quite simple! If you don’t like the hosting services offered by WP Engine and the partnered company, you can simply apply for the cancellation within 60-days and will get a complete refund. But remember, this guarantee is applicable only with the annual billings.

Serious website owners do get an understanding of how WP Engine is efficient enough to provide them a reliable and long-term hosting experience. The features of WP Engine are proficient enough for the brand to be confident and put up a long money-back cycle.

What are the Support Options Available with WP Engine Hosting?

Availing of WP Engine hosting will help you with ample support for running and managing your website. Upon availing of any of the plans, you will be getting 24/7 support through email, live chat or phone support. All of these support options can be easily accessed through the dashboard or user portal upon signing up.

When you hire WordPress expert, take their help to get an overview of the support channels over the dashboard and how to access them. The support agents at WordPress are quite responsive and helpful while attending to your queries or questions. There are tons of tutorials and documentation available for you to count on.

What are the Performance Benefits of WP Engine for WordPress?

You cannot ensure scalability for your WordPress site when there’s no performance in it. Therefore, here are some of the performance highlights of WP Engine, which makes this managed hosting solution a winning option for WordPress site owners. Some of the performance-centric features of WordPress are:

  • You get a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service on all the plans.
  • Avail the Page Performance solution for testing the site, which will help you make the necessary improvements.
  • GeoTarget add-on will help you optimize the site for specific locations or regions.
  • Loading speed for the WordPress site hosted over WP Engine is very high.
  • Comes with diverse multi-purpose themes that work towards helping you acquire more responsiveness and sales. There are more than 36 StudioPress themes for customers to avail of for free. The load times will be faster, and functionalities will increase.
  • Handles heavyweight sites easily.

Beyond these performance-centric features, you must know that WP Engine also allows you to set up your site across diverse server locations. There are a total of 19 of them, which include data centres situated in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. Every performance parameter over the site ensures real-world success for you.

The page speed ranges from 0.3 to 1.6 seconds, varying with respect to servers across different locations. The page load times are very much consistent when the site is hosted with WP Engine. The best thing is, irrespective of the location, the standard page loading time is under the 2-second mark for all the countries.

What are the Pros & Cons of WP Engine for WordPress?

WP Engine is one of the most popular web hosting solutions offered to you by proficient partner developers. But, just like anything else in this digital world, there are positives and negatives to everything. And that’s the same for WP Engine as well. So, here are some pros and cons associated with WordPress engine for you to count on:

Pros of WP Engine

  • Faster Loading Times:
    The WP Engine services are well-optimized with the in-house Evercache technology to help your sites load faster
  • Enhanced Security:
    WP Engine enables you to keep the site protected with several security features that most of the other hosts lack.
  • Reliability:
    WP Engine comes with a front-end layer to help you handle the traffic spikes better without degrading the site speed.
  • Expert Support:
    WP Engine has a great support team where the members are experienced and skilled to handle your queries or questions of all complexities.

Cons of WP Engine

  • Disallowed Plugins:
    WP Engine might not enable you to install specific WordPress plugins over the site because of the duplicate features that exist within the hosting platform or other reasons.
  • Higher Costs:
    When you compare WP Engine with other shared hosting plans, you will find the managed hosting plans are quite expensive, but the features and performance it offers justify the charges.

Bottom Line

This WPEngine review has definitely added clarity to the minds of all budding entrepreneurs or individuals who want to run their WordPress sites. The best thing about WP Engine, it consists of features specific to WordPress, and that is what helps people get reliable support and high-end performance. If you are still in doubt, connect with us to learn more and integrate the best features in your platform.

So, if you want your WordPress site to be powered by WP Engine, look out for the best WordPress development company, partnered with the managed hosting solution, to help you in the quest.

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