The Game-Changing WordPress Development Trends in 2024

WordPress Development Trends

Amidst the glitz and the glamour, hardly anyone would remember the groundbreaking features of the first version of the patron player WordPress. Isn’t it? Just like Fashion Week shows, trends in the website development don’t remain the same. Every season, every year, you witness hundreds of new requirements popping up for increasing the customer’s engagement. And WordPress is no different.

The big deal was incepted in May 2003, which is 16 years ago and is acing every Content Management System. The first word that comes to the mind of even a novice website developer is “WordPress” development. The platform covers more than 1.8 million websites today, and its application is still evolving.

Blogrolls once touted as an ingenious feature are now a thing of the past. Today, in 2024, page builders and block-based editing help developers to build a stunning and functional website. The evolution helps in creating some compelling patterns that have the highest potential of grabbing customer’s attention. So what is new this year then? To find out the 2024 WordPress trends, keep scrolling. We promise these WordPress development trends will meet your needs.

Dynamic Theme:

Dynamic Theme Trend for WordPress

Source: themeforest.net

Gone are the days when WordPress was merely used as a blogging platform. Today almost 28% of the websites over the internet and every eCommerce website rely on this platform. WordPress possesses all the features and functionality that are necessary for an eCommerce site.From shopping cart creation to final checkout, everything is seamlessly handled by WordPress. So what’s new in 2024? Well, it has introduced sophisticated themes that help in enhancing the visuals of the website. In addition to this, the features are also customizable as per the website requirement. 

Micro Interaction in UX Designs:

Micro-Interaction-in-UX-Designs Trend

Source: medium.com

You would not be unknown with the thumbs-up symbol/response on the Facebook Messenger? What is it designed for? Doesn’t it catch your major attention while you think of sending a message response? Surely it does! Such interactive features that engage the customers have entered the WordPress world. If utilized well, it has the highest potential of giving a delightful moment to the customer. Micro interactive elements encourage the user to stay more on the sites, thereby increasing the chance of sales. 

Two-Tone website design:

Using meaningful colors that can match the emotions and also convey the same is what color theory is all about. Erstwhile, WordPress was not a convenient platform for the ones who love colorful websites but now when two-tone websites are a hot trend. Also, WordPress, too, incorporated color features to make it more attractive and engaging. 

Media theme for websites:

Visual, Visual, and more visuals is what 2024 and next look like. You guessed it right, a picture-full website is much in demand and looks more realistic than the word-full website. WordPress introduced WordPress photo themes that not only provide great visuals but also help brands build their personality. 

Multi-purpose theme:

Versatility and Multipotentiality themes are on the top list of WordPress trends. Websites of different business genres are now free to build their websites using WordPress. The multi-functional theme facilitates developers to create websites with required functionality and texture. More to the websites can also be added using extensions with the help of a WordPress development company. This trend is expected to grow dramatically in the year 2024.

Virtual Reality Themes:

Millennials and the Generation-Z are already living in a world of virtual affairs. With the technological innovation going at an eccentric speed, virtuality is revolutionizing the way we look and experience things. And trust us, it has not limited its access only to the virtual games but is extended even to the website development trends. WordPress looks forward to bring a virtual, 3-D effect even to the website development features. Yes, Thank you, WordPress, we are looking forward to this. 

Title Video:

Thinking of adding a video to your website? Great, WordPress too, thought the same and now allows developers to add a video to any element of the site. Site owners are now free to add video titles and create a greater impact of the websites over their users. Video titles have undoubtedly become the top choice of Hire WordPress developer.

WordPress themes for smartphones:

Did WordPress too say, Smartphones first? Yes! In 2024, WordPress introduces mobile themes for improving smartphone experience. This feature will not only improve the site’s look and feel over the phones but will benefit the websites with maximum engagement. Isn’t it an amazing thing for billions of people using smartphone devices? 


Animations tell-tale which even images fail to describe. Animations, without a doubt, improve the display of the websites resulting in more leads. For incorporating an animation, use the animation-plug-in feature and get your website to the next level. 


Wordpress Chatbots Trend

Source: ecommerce-nation.com

Why use man-power when Machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence can do the work. WordPress now allows you to integrate Chatbots to interact with the customer base. Pre-defined Chatbots answers all questions related to the business and saves all the information of a potential click from the user. This collected data can be used later for further dealing through social channels. 

Infographics on the website:

Used by every marketing group, bloggers, and even students, infographics are becoming a rage. WordPress will allow the creation of interactive graphics that engage more users, maps the traffic, and helps in studying the demographics. Some of the obvious benefits that come along with the

WordPress development services are:

  • Powerful website design:

Building a WordPress website is the best decision ever made for skyrocketing sales. 

  • Search Engine Optimization:

What can be the better news than, WordPress serving all the SEO tactics? These strategies help your website top the Google charts. 

  • Powerful Plugins:

The eCommerce world is incomplete without plugin installation. And guess what, there are 50,000 various plugins available on WordPress. 

  • Quick and Easy Installation:

The WordPress learning curve is very easy, and so is its installation. It facilitates easy installation and management for its users. Without a doubt we say, you should go for a WordPress website development for your business and hire

a WordPress development company. WordPress is here to create a unique and magical experience for the users. Some of the trends mentioned above are still in the development stage, but you can expect the year 2024 to get more exciting with the features. By installing the features, you are increasing your chances of becoming a topper most of the poppermost.

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