Future of Hyva Theme and facts statistics

Facts and statistics about Hyva Theme in the future

The future of e-commerce has become a canvas for innovation and transformation. This era is marked by extraordinary technological upgradation which brings better and faster solutions. The future of enterprise is being transformed with groundbreaking perceptions and solutions. A complex and essential sector is ready to experience a noteworthy transformation within these. As we begin a journey into the future of hyva, this evaluation promises to uncover fascinating themes and present illuminating facts and statistics that shed light on the path ahead.

The Hyvä is quickly gaining popularity in the Magento e-commerce platform due to its outstanding performance and user experience. This technology is crafted to offer a more result-oriented and optimized user-friendly interface, leading to faster load times and an improved overall shopping experience. Hyvä is adaptable and expandable, permitting businesses to tailor their online stores and customize them to their distinctive needs.

What Makes Hyva Theme Unique and in Demand?

Hyvä Theme Usage Statistics

Hyvä Theme Usage Statistics

In the current year, the Hyvä theme is still a comparatively new technology in the e-commerce sector, but its deployment is growing fastly. As of May 2023, there are over 500 websites vigorously using the Hyvä theme, and this number is anticipated to increase substantially in the upcoming years.

The progression rate of this theme implementation has been truly impressive, with a year-over-year increase of over 200% since its release in 2019. This growth proves the standard and advantages of the Hyvä theme for online enterprises.

In contrast to other available Magento themes, Hyvä theme is still a comparatively small player in the number of websites using it. However, it is significant to note that the Hyvä theme is a recent technology still gaining momentum in the market.

Its performance and versatility make it an appealing option for many enterprises looking to improve their Magento ecommerce development. As the Hyvä theme persists in gaining popularity, we can anticipate its usage to rise and possibly challenge some of the additional established Magento themes in the market:

  1. There are 1936 live websites in the world developed using Hyvä Themes.
  2. Currently, there are 3 websites in India using Hyva Themes. 
  3. The Netherlands country is the most significant client of Hyvä Themes, closely followed by the US and Belgium.

Hyvä Theme Performance Statistics

Hyvä Theme Performance Statistics

Hyvä theme is familiar for its extraordinary performance, and different performance data verify this claim. The landing page load time is necessary for any website, and the Hyvä theme excels. In a recent study, the Hyvä theme showed a 30-50% faster page load time than other popular Magento themes, leading to a better user experience and enhanced transformation rates.

Time To First Byte(TTFB) is another essential performance measurement that measures the time it takes for a browser to acquire the first byte of data from the server. Hyvä theme has been shown to remarkably reduce Time To First Byte, resulting in swifter load times and better general performance.

In addition to these metrics, the Hyvä theme also executes remarkably well on Google PageSpeed Insights points. This PageSpeed tool quantifies a website’s performance on various factors and provides a score out of 100. The Hyvä theme has stable high scores on this Google PageSpeed metric, suggesting that it meets the best web performance and user experience methods.

What’s New In Hyva Theme 2023?



  • The Hyvä UI is a standard library ready to use, by copy-paste elements, approach you can use in your Hyvä Theme.
  • The UI Library is a part product. There is access present for free to all Hyvä Theme license holders.
  • The library can be viewed as the “TailwindUI” for Hyvä Themes.
  • Instead of the simple HTML templates, it provides fully functional phtml files with all the required logic to ensure the elements work on the Magento store, built with Hyvä. So rather than being “just” HTML and CSS same as other libraries, this theme’s elements are “alive” and fully functional as soon as they are placed in a Magento theme.



Introducing a Hyvä Enterprise version, This upcoming version will adapt all Adobe Commerce features, including the entire B2B(business-to-business) suite and Adobe Sensei services like product recommendations and live search.

  1. The price of Hyvä Enterprise will be available via a subscription of €2500 per year.
  2. The early access version is available at a low-cost rate of €1500 for the first year.
  3. The current group of Adobe Commerce in the Hyvä Themes GitLab will soon be discontinued and sooner or later archived (become read-only), so they will not receive future updates.



The GA4 (Google Analytics 4) is replacing Universal Analytics. In early July 2023, all standard Universal Analytics properties will cease processing event data. This alteration marks a paradigm shift in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. It also requires organizations to adapt to the new system to gain the highest value from their digital analytics.

Currently, Magento doesn’t have integrated support for Google Analytics 4. Therefore, it needs a little more technical setup than the previous Universal Analytics consolidation. You can do this in 2 different ways: direct arrangement from Google Analytics 4 in Magento or set up a GTM(Google Tag Manager) container and pass data through Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics 4. It’s become recommended because when the event’s data is in GTM, you can always use it for other information collection functions.

So the conclusion is that there must be a need to make the GA4 module compatible with the hyva. However, many third-party extensions are available in the marketplace with Hyva theme compatibility.


Hyva released an early access version of checkout, a separate extension created by the Hyvä team that has already passed beta testing. This extension delivers clients with additional features and customization options for Hyvä clients, such as:

  1. The early access version provides a one-year support package + updates
  2. It’s only genuine access for one Magento 2 installation with infinite domains and store views.
  3. This early access version is only available for a limited time to both the Magento 2 version of open source and Adobe commerce clients.
  4. In this version, when commerce feature compatibility becomes accessible, additional pricing will apply.


This exploration has delved into the captivating themes and enlightening facts surrounding Hyvä, offering a glimpse into the transformative journey ahead. Creating a more efficient user interface, reducing load times, and enhancing overall shopping encounters have positioned it as a contender for shaping the online shopping landscape.

The growth rate has been impressive, with a substantial increase in utilization year over year. While currently a minor player compared to other Magento themes.

The Hyvä theme paves the way for businesses to embrace technological progress and redefine their online presence with the help of professional industry experts. As we embark on this journey into the future, the potential for the Hyvä theme to shape the e-commerce landscape remains exciting and promising.

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