4 Ways Ecommerce Automation Can Improve Your Online Store

Ecommerce Automation

Automation is entering a whole host of industries at the moment, so it makes sense that ecommerce operators would be just as eager to see what this approach can offer them.

To give you an idea of how automation is capable of enhancing any online store, here are a handful of the most compelling advantages it delivers.

Streamlining Email Campaigns

Getting former customers to return to your site and make another purchase is always a challenge. The team at stress that automating the process of creating compelling, personalised campaigns can dramatically improve open and click through rates.

Such campaigns are especially useful during peak periods of the year, when seasonal promotions can be sent out with customised content to ensure that members of your mailing list are aware of what time-limited offers are available. An otherwise labour-intensive process can be simplified and this guide on ecommerce marketing workflows provides an excellent explanation of the details including holiday promotion emails and cart abandonment follow-ups.

Handling Customer Support

The rapid rise of chatbots is a sign that online stores are overhauling the way that they deliver real time support to customers. The market is set to grow by almost a third each year until 2024, with this automated approach helping to free up resources and lessen the need to rely on human workers to take care of fairly simple questions and complaints.

It is worth bearing in mind that the response to chatbots has been split; half of consumers are fans of the idea of automated assistants being built into ecommerce sites, while the other half are still swayed by the advantages of talking with an actual human.

Even with some reservations about chatbot technology being uncovered by reports, it is largely a case of allowing web users to familiarise themselves with such solutions and become more comfortable with their features.

Leveraging Social Media Integration

Ecommerce brands that want to generate traffic from social media sites, thus overcoming a reliance on search engines, should consider strategies such as Instagram for business and other social platforms.

One of the key recommendations is to schedule updates so that they are sent out at a time when they are most likely to engage with your audience and generate the kinds of interactions that could help enhance conversion rates.

The fact that you can do all of your social media posting prep in advance and then allow it to automatically be published to your various accounts over the course of a week or a month makes it far simpler to manage this impactful aspect of modern ecommerce.

Facilitating Growth

If your online store is a success, then you may end up being unable to meet the ever-increasing demands that are placed upon your existing resources by the influx of new customers.

This is clearly a problem, as it could lead to first time buyers being disappointed with the experience. Thankfully a combination of the automated solutions mentioned so far will help you scale your operations effectively without bearing higher costs.

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