Developing a Fitness App is No More like a Bitter Pill

Fitness app development

Body fitness currently is the most talked-about matter.

Wherever you go people will notice the change in your weight, not appreciable but that is human nature.

Shedding weight or increasing weight is popular because everyone wants to look good.

You will see people making a resolution for shedding XYZ weight or going to the gym just to look great at their sister’s wedding.

You know what? Weight is never a problem but your poor health is.

If you are fit, it is possible to perform day-to-day tasks easily while poor fitness will draw you in the sea of self-pity.

It is easy to write thousands of articles related to fitness, but implementing it in real life is arduous.

Imagine a situation, you work hard in your office and directly hit the gym after and you are like “O Someone takes me to the home” kind of situation. Happens right?

Make sure in being slim and sleek, you don’t end up losing your mental goodness as people are so tangled with fitness goals that they stop enjoying the nutrients.

Mind also plays a vital role in shaping mental and physical health.

We must thank technology and various mobile app development companies that are providing a “Boon” like fitness in our palm.

Even we don’t have to worry about those hefty gym fees as there are apps which take care of both essential nutrients and workout regime.

Whether you are on a holiday in Spain or attending back-to-back meetings in your lavish workplace, mobile apps are ready to help you with your fitness goals.

Thus, when you create your iOS or Android app, you must find more attractive ideas through which your users can stay fit and can perform exercise wherever they are.

You are here to know how to make a fitness app? Well, you are in the right place as this comprehensive fitness app development guide will make your development plan more subtle.

Before jumping directly to the grapevine (developing a mobile app), let us know what are some kind of apps that are released in the market.

Types of Fitness App

There are various types of mobile apps in the market and when you are up for developing a fitness app, you must know about them.

  • The Tracker Apps

The Tracker Apps


As the name suggests, these kinds of apps are programmed and developed to follow the activities of the users.

Here, tracking means, coding daily activities such as sports and other fitness activities like swimming, cycling, or cardio training.

The motive behind creating such apps is tracking the user’s scheduled workout rather than knowing its form.

  • The Diet Regulator App

The Diet Regulator App


As you already know, fitness cannot be achieved if there is a lack of proper diet.

Although diet and nutrition apps seem to be less complicated, the development process extracts your brains and efforts. The coding efforts are laborious too.

The database has to be simple and strong, so the users can find their eats by simply browsing the bar code.

Now you also have the facility for creating your own recipe as per its nutritional value.

The app will track the user’s daily movement count, and customize a diet accordingly.

The diet related app will manage and plan your diet by considering your weight, height, age, and work schedule.

You can check the calorie count by simply choosing food from their in-built chart or by putting the values manually.

You can also experiment with a lot of things like adding the staple food in the database or suggesting some healthy recipes to quick-start the fitness journey.

  • Personal Training App

Personal Training App


Personal training is also an integral part of fitness.

These apps help the users to hire trainers by knowing their achievements and watching their training videos.

Here, the users will be able to observe the videos and perform the workout accordingly.

One of the exciting features in the app is live streaming, so the beginners can do the exact exercise while remaining in the comfort of their home.

The trainer can also know what the trainees are doing and they can follow those simple instructions.

The users also have the facility to make a video call to solve their queries and gain knowledge about the nutritional diet.

  • Apps Designed for Fitness Freaks – Sprint Interval Training

You might have not known about High-Intensity Interval Training apps or HIIT apps, but they are quite beneficial for building a strong body.

As the name recommends, this type of app is mostly designed to fulfill the workout needs of a fitness freak like a sprint interval training.

The app includes high-intensity workouts, short-videos, and various fitness tips.

If you are a newbie in the fitness town, you might find the workout quite complex and difficult to perform.

The iOS and Android mobile app development engineers have to come with newer ideas to simplify the process of making such an app.

  • The Meditation and Yoga App

The Meditation and Yoga App


The world has understood the power of yoga and so now people are downloading a yoga app on their smartphone.

You don’t need to be a “Yoga Guru” to develop such an app, it is always a better option to share your goals with the best android app development company to translate your idea into a successful app.

The app includes all kinds of art of shapes such as positions, postures and knowledge about body strength.

The app must not have several pop-up notifications, simple teaching, and proper access for initializing better user experience.

Procedure to Create a Fitness App

To transform your idea into reality, you would need to take the mobile app services.

The rough map must include the necessary elements that are important to expand the business.

You have to include a lot of features before making the final decision. So you can carry forward your idea with the following steps:

  • Have a full-proof plan
  • Consider the Set of Guidelines
  • Focus on the Design
  • Include Unique and Beneficial content

-> Write down all the ideas you have for the app

Here sipping a coffee and penning down your plan on diary will do good but if you plan for a thriving business, you have to take help from the business analyst.

You already might have this thought of developing a fitness app so now you just have to make improvements in your thoughts.

Plan about which type of fitness app you want to create. Research about what are the needs of people and how they will get desirable health results from your app.

You can also have a quick talk session with the fitness trainer to know the current demand of the fitness industry.

Think about the designer and developer you can hire, approach them, and understand how well they can help you with your dream project.

-> Identify the Resources You Can Utilize

When you are hiring a mobile app developer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the content you wish to fill in the app is advantageous to your target audience.

Several elements such as quotes, images, music, text, integration, and social media integration must also be considered.

Once you know the number of resources you can get, half the work is done there and then.

-> Unique and Creative Design is Important in App Building

Designing is the highlight of your app so make sure you are putting your best efforts in bringing down what your audiences are expecting.

You must suggest some of the designing ideas to the designer.

The designer expert will creatively play with your idea to create a perfect base for your app.

If you are revamping your app, ensure you are putting all the moderations that are to be done to reach maximum fitness enthusiasts.

The final work will be done by the designer who will curate the apps UI/UX right from the icons, buttons, and even the home pages.

Ultimately, your thoughts and designer’s creative skills will be seen in your fitness app.

-> Now comes the Part of Inception and Development of App

It’s a time of progressing for real demur – The Development Process.

If you have got the coding skills, you can surely create your app on your own, but if you are more of a business person, focusing on idea and functionalities, you can take the service from a reputed mobile app development company.

Share your requirements, specifications, the idea of an app, and the features you would like to add in the app.

-> Test Because You Want Your App to Work!

Ensure your app developer is rigorously doing the final testing and then launching it in the market.

Remember your goal is not only to make a fitness app, but you also have to bag those million bucks for further growth of the business.

Once the testing is done right and there are no bugs in terms of functionalities and user experience of the app, you have climbed the toughest mountain.

How much does it Cost to Make a Fitness app?

The cost of making a fitness app depends on your requirements and the time and number of developers involved in the development process.On average, it takes 4 months to develop a fitness app which can also increase as per the included functionality and working pattern.

Master Takeaway Tips

Fitness app development is a tough nut to crack. However; with our comprehensive guide, you can easily build a fitness app.

Master Tips:

  • Your app must have the following features such as setting goals, personal account, social elements, and tracking of the activity.
  • Your app must also offer some workout plans feature.
  • Provide achievement notification and personal communication to keep the user interested in the app.
  • You also have the opportunity to do a collaboration with many wearable producers.

You can also include the gamification features in your fitness app so that people love using the app and share it with their friends.

Congratulations! You already have a complete road map which can lead you to an ambitious land of the app development business. Strive harder now!

Before proceeding in creating a final product, you can create a fitness app MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to save money and see the impact of your idea without leveraging more resources and efforts.

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