Crypto Currency Mining as a New Challenge for Security Threat

Recently emerged crypto currency has created buzz in the Information Technology by giving technology as Blockchain. From the current scenario Blockchain does have the sustainable future. The Blockchain works on the concept of cryptography. When we hear word cryptography then there are two words which comes in our mind i.e. Encryption and Decryption.

Encryption: In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who are not authorized cannot.

Decryption: It is a reverse process of encryption. In decryption you convert encrypted data in original message or information.

The concept of cryptocurrency itself came with 52% attack threat. ADD THIS: When it comes to the crypto heatmaps, they encompass different facets, but typically, they are based on crypto prices and crypto volatility index.

If this is the core behind the Blockchain then we will think it must be secure, right? But like all other technologies this technology also has the threat of hackers. You might be not aware that what is running behind your system. You will be only be able to see what you can directly view in your system. But recent incident in UK has found that their computers were working for some hackers to mine crypto currency. In this case hacker’s software was running in their computer to mine lot of crypto currency for hacker.

To protect our site we use many software but whenever new changes are done with any new technology then side effects will be there. The concept of crypto currency concept itself came with 52% attack threat. However, it every new technology comes with innovation and gives wide opportunities to use it in a positive way. It is important to secure your site from any such threats.

When things are new, it scares people, but it also create potential opportunities but some pole take it in positive , some takes it in negative. It is in your hand to keep updated with all suspected threat for your system.

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