Blanket Distribution Event by Elsner Technology

Blanket distribution by Elsner

It is rightly said ‘To Move Forward, You Have to Give Back’.Elsner family believes that giving back to the community is a duty of a renowned organization. Winters are the time when the homeless people have to fight back with the nature of their survival. We at Elsner, has decided to distribute the blankets to the needy and homeless people for whom it would be difficult to survive in the winter season.Blanket Distribution by ElsnerUnder the #givingbacktocommunity initiative, Elsner has planned to help the needful people. Elsner has always remained ahead when it comes to helping the society. We have planned to have experienced this event on this Saturday, December 2, 2017.In order to make this event better, Elsner has collaborated with a group of volunteers so that they can guide our family members.


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