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Best Magento 2 Advanced Analytics Report Extension For E-commerce Store

Magento 2 has been one of the most feasible platforms that has offered the ecommerce owners with features to assist in building a strong website and added extensions as per the user’s requirements. Respecting the ability of all the other good extensions there can be no better companion of the owner than any tool which automatically processes all the data to generate analytics report.

No online store can solely run on the assumption of generating traffic, it has to track things like sales in ratio with the traffic, the location of the visitors and similar things to plan a sound market strategy. Also, it is quite cumbersome to put all the details in an analytics tool separately to generate a business report.

For any E-commerce store, it is hard to manage all the tasks depending on solely on the human efforts. The assistance of an artificial intelligence is what it takes to gear up the task and so to prove the point Elsner Technologies features Advanced Reports Magento Extension. This extension lets all the Magento store owners keep a track of all the transformation happening in the business.

The Magento Analytics extension helps the store owners to understand how the sales are being generated, the number of visitors, the users abandoning the cart and many similar informations. Elsner understands that a huge number of people have trusted the Magento 2 as their e-commerce platform and so the extension intends to generate reports for conversion rate and website traffic.

The analytics of the reports come in a properly drafted chart and data tables making the comparison of past performances easy. For all, we know that one of the biggest problems an ecommerce site faces is cart abandonment not only the sales report will help detect the rate but will also generate feasible solutions.

Features Of Magento 2 Advanced Analytics Report Extension :

    • Magento 2 advanced report extension is really advanced as it has the ability to generate all types of reports whether it is an overview of the sales, product based sales, conversion and traffic report, weekly or daily report, report on how many people left the cart.


    • All the details are presented in the form of a graph and so viewing and comparing the data becomes easy.


    • The product wise analytics report helps the store owner in knowing which product has a higher demand and which products need assessment.


    • The extension uses different payment gateways which includes PayPal, American Express, Visa and Mastercard.


    • Each payment gateway can have its own separate report resulting to which one can understand which method of payment is being used the most.


    • The overview of the sales report includes the number of orders placed, number of items, average revenue, total revenue and reports of the abandoned cart. All these reports can further be seen in detail


    • The extension possesses the ability to generate the sales report based on the customer’s location. This way you can understand as from where your maximum and a minimum number of sales are coming. Whatever the number of reports is each report can be seen in different time frames.


    • The conversion and traffic report are prepared on weekly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. It displays the number of unique visitors and reports if any traffic has been converted to sales.


    • With the analytics report, the site can track how much time the user has spent on the website, which pages were browsed in particular and whether the action was generated from a self-search or call-to-action clicks.


    • The owners can know which customers are the most loyal and frame strategies to keep their trust by offering loyalty points and discounts.


    • You can keep a track on the number of refunds to analyze which customers are genuine and which are not.


    • With the extension, you can view profit reports before or after tax, and also keeping aside the statistics of refund.


Magento 2 Google analytics for ecommerce store owners will take the level of sales growth to new heights. With advanced ability to monitor the business performance the needs of the customers are known and adhered to in a better way. Timely reports can be scheduled depending on the owner’s convenience.

Although the behavior of the customer is hard to track and it always changes with new additions happening in the market, the analytics reports prove to be a helping hand in reading the purchase behavior to a certain extent. Thus, integrate your Magento website today with the analytics extension offered by Elsner Technologies to see a rapid growth in the business.

Elsner takes an initiative to help such sites to bring a difference in customer’s shopping experience with the help some finely designed Magento Extensions which will enable all the Magento clients to add those extra facilities to the website.

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