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What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is Apple’s Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology that used to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones and other iOS devices.




How does iBeacon work?

The beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that transmits signals in constant manner. Where application on iPhone senses the signal that transmitted by these beacons and acts according to the signals when the phone comes into specific area or range.

For example assume a scenario like one own an iPhone and walking by or towards a restaurant that has a beacon device. When he/she enters into that beacon’s area, the beacon will send special promotions, coupons, recommendations in way of signals to one’s iPhone via the that restaurant’s application,that application then act upon signals.
Beacon App Development can be a better option for indoor location mapping – which GPS struggles with.

Does This Mean You’ll be Prompted With Alerts Every Now And Then Wherever You Go?

Firstly, beacons can’t send alerts to anyone unless he/she have the relevant application on his/her device: so without them, one’ll be able to walk down the high street in peace. In addition, for one to receive an alert even with the app, he/she would have to cross the minimum distance threshold and remain at that distance for few seconds before he/she receives the notification.

Obviously, if he/she still think that he/she being hassled too much then he/she do have an option to switch it off. For example, he/she could opt out by simply changing your device permissions as part of the location services: just go to “settings – privacy – location services” and switch off Bluetooth or even uninstall the application altogether.

So Why Beacon App Development Technology is so Important?

One of the reasons why iBeacon technology has snatching so many eyes on is because it potentially represents a significant step forward for mobile payments.

Smartphone makers have been keen to find a technology that can provide a standard format for fast payments: and iBeacon could be it.

It is possible that one could be sent a coupon while in a store and buy a product without ever needing to see a staff member. The potential is so huge that it is already facing rivals in this area: such as PayPal beacon technology that allows a shopper to log in and pay with their PayPal account while using their phone.

Applications that can be deployed using iBeacon technology

-In-Shop Experience
-Classroom & Education
-Indoor location

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