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All about product labels in Magento 2 stores

Magento is one of the finest open-source CMS that provides business owners with an opportunity to diversify their business operations in the digital e-commerce world. It is an effective system, adaptable, extensible, and easy to customize.

Magento has a great security system, which is beyond SEO-ready. Presently, it has two versions; Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The community platform is free and is majorly focussed at small business houses. Magento Enterprise is a paid version focussed on medium to large business houses. The comprehensive performance is extraordinary with impressive features and extensions.

Magento Extensions

It is today very important for every business to have attractive websites. These are now an essential part of online promotion strategies. It is here that the significance of Magento Extensions comes into play.

The Magento modules and extensions offer amazing features like marketing promotions and tools. It provides authority to its customers to check their order status and obtain the tracking details. They perform several important back-end tasks to help you attain this business achievement with consistency.

Product Label extension for Magento 2

At the time of implementing e-commerce marketing strategies, all we are focussed upon is higher sales and revenue. We normally revamp the website for a search, enhance product page content, and want increased reviews so that more users can be attracted to the products.

It simply does not occur to us that we could do it differently by displaying a product label.

Why Product Labels?

The Product Label Magento 2 extension assists you to form fascinating labels and helps to add them on your:

i) Homepage

ii) Category

iii) Product

iv) Wishlist

v) Search results

vi) and other custom pages.

This extension even permits you to add labels with tempting offers for products that have been added newly, freshly stocked, or presented at discounted rates. This allows conveniently updating your customers about all the forthcoming or continuing offers which eventually helps to achieve higher revenue.

Therefore, it is all about having a regular interaction between your website and customers

Advantages of Product Label

This Product Label Magento 2 extension can be the greatest solution as it can help to fascinate customers and increase your sales. The extension also allows you to form your customized labels by updating a predefined flexible text. Therefore, this extension allows your customers to understand their savings with the special deals and update them about low quantity products. Below are the advantages:

  • Upload Custom text and image
  • Bug fixes and quick support
  • It is Open Source (Free)
  • It offers Free lifetime extension updates
  • Add Eye-Alluring Labels to Product Images
  • Customized Labels with Text, Color, Style, and Shape
  • User-friendly and flexible configuration
  • Support for custom and third-party extensions
  • Support for default widgets, For Example, Hot Sellers
  • Support for all the default pages: For Example wish list, category, product, search result, and more

Adding Product Label

M2 Prolables extension provides a simple way to present awesome labels. It is not about only adding your labels on product and category pages. Due to its advanced features, it will help you to create a programmed method of designing product labels based on your own rules. Since version 1.1.0 the module has been considerably improved.

Adding product labels in the Magento 2 product and category page the Prolables module operates on an adaptable and simple configuration. It allows adding product labels such as: Is New, In Stock, On Sale, and Out of Stock both to product and catalog pages. With the module settings you can:

  • Enable or Disable a Label
  • Select a label preset with one of the 15 values provided by the module.
  • Set up a position for label display
  • Position the label under the product details next to social tabs and email tab

Custom Product Label

This Product Label Magento 2 helps you to attract your customers ‘ attention to the brands available in your store. By making a special page of your store more evident, searchers will develop a strong interest in your products which will generate more revenue.

The Problems module offers to use the advanced settings to develop an exclusive product. You can develop an unlimited number of labels for your products.

You may require some knowledge of CSS. In the module configuration you can:

  • Set the Custom Label Styles
  • Upload an amazing image
  • Set a Label Text
  • Use the Options Round Method and Round Value to calculate the numeric predefined variables
  • Set a Label Custom Url

Some Product Label Magento 2 is required to be changed routinely because of the content updates. For example, when a product is under the label In stock and you realize that the availability of a product is less. In that case, you can use an option to display if Stock is lower than. When the value is set to ’10’, the module will output the label when the product stock quantity will be less than 10.

The Predefined Variables

The Prolabels module consists of a list of all predefined variables. A predefined variable can return a numeric value. When this happens, the module rounds the value before output. The Round Method and Round Value will be beneficial in case you want to present a custom label for all products in the particular price range or to develop a product tab with data taken from the product itself.

Managing product labels and badges

When we talk of custom labels, we also suggest using the Prolables Conditions settings tab. This will help you to design the product labels based on your own rules. There are flexible conditional rules that can be applied to the labels according to the properties of a product.


We hope that we have been able to motivate you to feature your products with wonderfully designed Product Label Magento 2. We are convinced that you will agree to the fact that a label is a strong user engagement tool to establish a great customer experience.

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