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A Website is Perfect Only if it has Pixel Perfect Designs

What is Pixel Perfect Website?

Pixel-Perfect means all pages has totally equal PSD To HTML pages. Pixel-perfect means all bit to bit and pixel to pixel is same in the HTML web page. One must not change it’s pixel when we are creating the PSD to HTML website Pages.



Above example displays the pixel perfect two figures in which we have created the pixel by pixel webpage but at some paces, it is not possible due to the errors occurred by graphics designer and web designer.

Below, I have given the example of Error in a pixel Perfect website



How to make pixel Perfect website?
You can use following softwares to make your Responsive web design pixel perfect.

How to check our website is pixel perfect?

1st :-Check whether your PSD is a Perfect Design or not
2nd :-If your PSD is perfect, convert into the MOCKUP design


What is MOCKUP design?
MOCKUP design means converting your PSD into the JPG File and then converting this jpg into the HTML Page.




3rd :-After creating MOCKUP design, compare your webpage with the same MOCKUP design.





-HTML page design(Webpage)



If the website is pixel perfect, it can gain more attraction and can be a better attraction for the visitors.

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