8 Tips to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Scores & Page Experience Signals


There are high chances that the Core web vitals and page experience will become a factor in deciding the website’s rank. The primary goal of

SEO services is to improve website performance based on the algorithms of search engines.

With this growth in digital marketing, it is essential to understand the factors that will decide your website rankings. Are you sure your website is ready for the SEO trends in 2021? Let us help you out and elaborate on the things you need to focus on.

What are Core Web Vitals?

These are the collection of specific factors that are important for the webpages user experience. The core Web Vitals are made up of page speed and user interactions with the content. They are the factors that will decide the page experience score in the search engine.Core-web-vitals-outbound

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Three signals decide the page experience of your platform:

  • Loading: This is the time taken to load specific pages. Google will now measure it through a new standard measure known as Largest Contentful Paint.
  • Interactivity: This measures the responsiveness of elements on the page like links, buttons, and more. The new standard used to measure this factor is First Input Delay.
  • Visual Stability: The movement of elements after the page loading and instability it causes. They will measure this using the Cumulative Layout Shift.

What are the Key Points you Must Know in SEO Services?

  • The page experience update might come out in May 2021
  • The Page Experience signal might make UX the essential factor of SEO
  • Google has integrated Core Web Vitals in the Lighthouse, chrome plugin, search console, and other tools to help in the optimization
  • Google is also working on visual indicators that help users select the pages as per their performance. 
  • You need to handle the three signals of Core Web Vitals to boost the ranking of your website

Things you Need to do for Improving your Page Experience Signal:

The update will affect your Search Engine Result Pages, which means you need the best tool to measure your market performance. You can measure and track the Core Web Vitals with various digital marketing tools available.  Look for the sections that can be improved and identify the powerful areas of the website. Page Speed insights tools will display which thing needs improvement to ensure a smooth page experience. Tips to ensure that you lie in the excellent section:

Tips to Improve your Code Web Vitals and Page Experience Signals are:

  1. Image Optimization: This is an important thing that can help in enhancing website performance. Large images will hold your platform down and affect your reputation in the market. Just ensure that it is of the expected size, and compression is done on the images. Also, keep a lazy loader extension to load large images only when required.
  2. Speeding the Server: The faster response of the servers will improve a lot of site speed insights. Some complex websites will keep the server busy by handling requests. Upgrade the hosting plan that offers better performance cost-effectively.
  3. Removal of Unnecessary Items: Many third-party extensions, plugins, and tools can slow down the page speed. Remove unnecessary scripts on the website to enhance the response time of your web pages.
  4. Use Browser Cache: This will help in loading the content on the web pages faster. This will allow users to browse through your website more quickly as things have cached in the memory.
  5. Use a standard dimension: The user browser knows how much space each element will take up on the web page. Use a standard size for each media like images, Gifs, videos, infographics, and more.
  6. Mobile Responsive: Various testing tools will help display how your page will appear on various mobile devices and sizes.
  7. Security: Google prefers safe-browsing criteria. So check your security issues with various tools which will help in handling malware or online attacks. This will help to ensure that the data is secure on your website from any vulnerabilities.
  8. Implement Lazy loading: If you have too many multimedia items on the website, you can implement lazy loading. This will help your page experience and core web vitals score to improve. It lets users scroll seamlessly, as it will load the multimedia only when required. Indeed it will reduce the bounce rate on the website.

Wrapping it up!


SEO trends, let us recap to the factors that affect page experience and core web vitals are:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • HTTPS usage
  • No intrusive popups
  • Safer browsing

Google is prioritizing the content and page experience as a ranking factor in the new update. So it is a smart move to take the best SEO services in the market to handle each segment of the website. As there are dozens of variables that are included in deciding the SEO rank. They can use tips, techniques, practices, and tricks to enhance SEO performance.

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