WordPress vs Adobe Business Catalyst : Which CMS is Best for Developing?

Wordpress vs Adobe Business

There are so many CMS with different features and advantages to develop and build your website. But out of all the CMS here, I’ll compare two of these CMS that are WordPress and Adobe Business Catalyst. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool CMS, which is based on PHP and MySql.While Adobe Business Catalyst is all-in-one hosted CMS and Software as a Service (SaaS) proprietary which is managed by Adobe.Features and differencesWordPress was blogging engine. For extra tools like eCommerce, email marketing, hosting, CRM, analytics etc. we used plugins for every kind of different functionality.While Business catalyst already include Blog, CMS, Email Marketing, CRM, hosting, analytics, eCommerce, that is all-in-one CMS.EcommerceIn WordPress development, you can not find built-in functionality like eCommerce. If we want to use shopping or any eCommerce functionality in wordpress, we need to use eCommerce plugins like woocommerce.
While in Business catalyst, inbuilt eCommerce functionality is available. Business catalyst ecommerce feature also supports gift vouchers and coupon codes.Contact Form and CRMWe use some good contact form plugins for contact form in WordPress development.While in Business Catalyst, there are beautifully designed built-in web forms builder which include payment processing and Google ReCaptcha anti-spam tools.Event ManagementWordPress don’t have any functionality for event management. So, for event management in this, developer have to install plugin like event espresso or other events supporting plugin.Business Catalyst have built-in functionality of basic booking system and event calendar.SEOWordPress is good for SEO but for better performances, the developers use plugins for SEO.Business Catalyst has built-in SEO feature. But Business Catalyst is not as powerful as WordPress in SEO.HostingWordPress contains hosting on linux based platform with PHP and MySql requirements.Business Catalyst includes hosting plans, you don’t need to pay separately for hosting. You can start your website at just $10.99 per month price for basic plan named web Basic+.Email MarketingWordPress has limited ability to manage email listing and poor email marketing plugins.Business catalyst has smart built in feature of email marketing and customer database than WordPressUpdates and Upgrades In WordPress, we have to update plugins manually. And It would be time consuming and for some plugins, updates are chargeable. While in Business catalyst there are automatically updates that add new features without any payment. I.e. Updates and Upgrades cost less in Business catalystDatabaseIn wordpress, you can manage database from php admin panel. Also you can get your website database.While in Business catalyst you don’t need to manage database. Your database will be managed by Adobe. Even you can’t get your website database. You can just copy that website or website pages, page templates, web Apps or any other feature manually.AnalyticsWordPress have to install analytics plugins. And plugins manage to update time to time. Business catalyst has built-in analytics feature. It reports all the business activity on your site.ConclusionIn wordpress, millions of plugins are easy to install but it require regular updating. While Business catalyst have small number of Apps. In Business catalyst you can develop anything with no maintenance but you need to hire a developer.

Above comparisons are primary reasons. There will be a loss if there is an advantage. You should try both at once and see the differences, benefits and also detriment.Read our guide on : How to Submit Your Plugin to WordPress Plugin Directory? 

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