The Much-Awaited WordPress 5.3 Release Candidate is Live Now!

WordPress 5.3 Release Candidate

On October 15, 2019, WordPress announced the first release candidate for WordPress 5.3. This is a piece of big news, especially for WordPress developers. If we read between the lines, it means that the company is progressing in the right way towards the WordPress 5.3 release date, which is scheduled to be released on November 12, 2019. WordPress 5.3 release candidate going live also showcases the fact that the new version is ready for release. However, since there are millions of users and thousands of plug-ins and themes in WordPress, there is a possibility of missing out on something. Hence, the company is not taking chances.

If you have not tried 5.3 yet, this is the right time. You can test the WordPress 5.3 release candidate in two ways:

1. Try the WordPress Beta Tester plug-in (Select the “bleeding edge nightlies” alternative)

2. Alternatively, you can download the release candidate here in zip format.

What is Different in WordPress 5.3?

In the new release, you will see a new default theme, Twenty Twenty, that comes with more design flexibility. It also integrates with the Block Editor.

There are critical updates present in WordPress 5.3 related to the Block Editor that includes brand-new blocks, more intuitive interactions, and enhanced accessibility. With the help of the new feature, you have the liberty of playing around with the design works. There is also an extra layout alternative present in addition to style variations that provide complete control over the outlook of your site.

It will also enable developers to work with dates and timezones with high reliability. It will also prepare the software to be compatible with PHP 7.4 that is scheduled to be released later next month on November 28, 2019.

Developers have been invited to test their plug-ins and themes against WordPress 5.3 and update the Tested up to the version in the readme to 5.3. In case you find any compatibility issues post it here. The WordPress team will try to find out the solutions to the problems before the final release of WordPress 5.3. The comprehensive look of all the significant updates can be viewed in the WordPress 5.3 Field Guide. It will be released shortly.

In case you find any bug or issue, report it here. This will assist the WordPress team in speeding up their development process and release WordPress 5.3 without any hassle. To view any known issues with WordPress 5.3, click here.

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