Breaking News: An Improved WordPress 5.2.2 Maintenance Release is Out!

WordPress 5.2.2 Maintenance

The cat is out of the box……Yes! WordPress 5.2.2 is here now!

The amazing thing is this maintenance has come with a total of 13 bug fixes. It even adds a bit of vigor to the “Site Health” feature that came into prominence from WordPress 5.2. This short-cycle maintenance release has provided lots of amazing benefits to WordPress developers. In a short period of time, you will see the next big release of WordPress which will be version 5.3.

Some of the important things that you cannot miss out in WordPress 5.2.2 are:

It comes with a PHP Version Bump. This way it supports the minimum PHP version i.e.; 5.6.20. With the recent maintenance release, WordPress 5.2.2 developers will be able to utilize themes and plug-ins in the most effective manner. How? By safely exploiting anonymous functions, namespaces, and much more. If you are using an older version of PHP, update your PHP before installing WordPress 5.2.2.

With the help of the new features in WordPress 5.2.2 update, it is possible to fix your WordPress website quite easily in case anything goes wrong. It even consists of more robust tools that assist in finding out and fixing configuration issues and critical errors. Or you can update it by taking help of your WordPress Development Company.

Let’s now divert our attention to the various improvised features in WordPress 5.2.2 maintenance release.

Site Health Check

The site health features were already there in 5.1. In this release, not only that is included but it also consists of two new pages that will have a positive impact in debugging configuration issues. Now, developers have the option to add space where they can debug information for site maintainer.

Protection Against PHP Error

Thanks to this new maintenance release, the administrator will be able to safely fix or manage critical errors without wasting any of the developer’s time. It has a better mechanism to deal with “white screen of death” and a way to enter recovery mode thereby pausing error-causing plugins or themes.

Accessibility Updates

There are several changes that can go well to enhance contextual awareness and keyboard navigation flow. This will assist those who are employing screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Newly Added Dashboard Icons

There are thirteen new icons that are present in the dashboard now, thanks to this WordPress maintenance release. Some of these icons include rotated Earth icons for global inclusion, Instagram, and multiple icons for Buddy-press. These icons can be seen in the dashboard.

Plugin Compatibility Checks

With the new maintenance release, WordPress will be able to ascertain if your website’s version of PHP is compatible with the installed plugins. In case, the plugin requires a higher version of PHP than currently employed by your website, WordPress will not enable you to activate it which can assist in preventing potential compatibility errors.

The Finale

If you wish to download WordPress 5.2.2, you can do it from here. Alternatively, you can even visit Dashboard > Updates and click Update Now. This way if your website supports automatic background updates the process will be done and dusted without any active participation from you, the developers.

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