5 Unforgettable Moments of eTail West Conference 2017

5 Unforgettable Moments of eTail West Conference 2017

eTail, the name itself says that there is something interesting for the retailers. Upon that, the conference was awaited which means there would be many things to learn from the conference. eTail West focuses majorly on retail world.

In the eTail West conference 2017, attendees included Amazon, hp, crocs, Walmart, Levi’s, Avon, JustFab, Teleflora and a lot more. So the executives of this brand have discussed their ideas regarding proximity marketing tactics at this conference.

Let us now discuss the major picks of the eTail West Conference 2017.

Proximity Marketing

Every retailer present in the conference was curious to know about the proximity marketing tactics. There was a discussion created on how the customers use proximity marketing like beacons. Everyone from the hypermarkets who like to gather more customer feedback through the Exit surveys to the Volkswagen China who is launching the new model and advertising through technological ways.

Which is the Best Selection, Mobile App or Web App?

The most conversed discussion was regarding mobile involved mobile web-responsive websites, mobile optimized content and emails. As many retailers present there didn’t have a mobile app or if they had, it didn’t perform well. As the conclusion, it was found that a blend of web and app is an important aspect for a better experience of customers. For better opportunity in this, revamping an existing app or leveraging the already completed work were found to be a great option.

Choosing Out from Geofence and Beacons

Another important topic was to choose the better location technology out of the Geofence and Beacons. Geo-fencing means to put a radius around an address or coordinate and signals can be passed to you when some changes take place within the specified radius.

Beacon technology lets you go granular indoor. With the beacon, you can get specific information regarding the changes made to the area under the range of the beacon. But beacons require a mobile app. So, retailers must firstly evaluate the goals & existing technologies once before determining the location technology.

I’m an e-commerce only! What next?

Sometimes, few of the retailers stepped into the discussion and said, “We’re pure e-commerce, we don’t have stores so are these strategy relevant?” But then they found out that even online-only retailers can benefit from proximity marketing tactics. There were questions among them such as are there areas where you know your target customers might be? How would you know when and how often your target customers have visited there? For an online only store, insights into that customer to be able to engage and ultimately convert that person.

And at the end comes the great thought of an Alibaba executive, McCabe.

Alibaba executive, McCabe said “Merging both online and offline retail, not dividing retail into smaller channels, could be the key to the future growth in retail business.

Hence, follow this latest proximity marketing tactics to boost your retail store whether online or offline.

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