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Things To Consider While Designing Business Website

things to consider while designing a website

When designing a website, a design should be such that it captures the attention and interest of users. It is a very Important thing which is least considered. The people who visit your website do not read your web pages in the same way to read books, magazines, or newspapers. Today, people want to gain the information speedily, so you only have few seconds to capture the attention of the user and sell them your product or service before they move on to a more attractive and easy to understand website. By keeping your website design clean and simple, you can create a great impact on user’s mind.

Moving on in this article, you will find some things that you should consider at the time of designing a website:

(1) Make your website mobile friendly. Nowadays you will see so many people using iPhone or Android in the world. Reports say that two-third people of the world use mobile for net surfing. it improves user satisfaction. A mobile website also allows you to immediately engage users with mobile-specific features like click-to-call, mapping functions.

(2) Try to make your website clean and attractive. Also, see that the most important information on your site is visible to the user without any trouble.

(3) You can make use of eye-catching buttons. It would attract users attention and increase sales.

(4) Navigation! Ah, look that it is not complicated. Easy and simple navigation leads a user to easily get information.

(5) Focus on what is important things. Allow some space on the page and inner pages for a call to action and specific products sections.

(6) Choose right color palettes. Don’t use bright colors.

(7) Choose the right fonts and sizes. Remember! typography have the highest importance in web design. You should use different fonts for main titles and content.

(8) Make sure that the graphics you used are SEO friendly. Search engine optimization is necessary for the long time survival of any website. Using keyword and description it would be easy to catch more users.

(9) Never use bad code. Use an HTML editor that generates clean markup code, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, notepad++ and sublime text

(10) Don’t finish your site instead update it regularly with new design, content, and images. If you will not update your site you will be taken over by other competitors

These tips will surely help you to create the perfect design for your website. You can also hire responsive web design company to create an elegant design for your website.

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