The Role Played by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Empower Your WordPress Website

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a lot of traction of late in business circles for all the good reasons. In fact, it has been estimated that the AI market will contribute roughly $15.7 trillion to the world economy the year 2030. The way artificial intelligence has gained impetus in a short period of time there is no looking back. There is still so much to be explored in this domain. But, one area where you might want to maximize your WordPress business website is by employing the AI techniques. Why? It is a smart way that is being employed by organizations to get more amazing results by performing fewer activities. This way it is able to boost the most significant metrics in the business, sales, and conversions. In order to achieve this endeavor, it is important to take help from an experienced WordPress web development company.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will provide all the requisite information that will help you to understand the critical role played by artificial intelligence (AI) to empower your WordPress website. We promise after reading this content piece, you will have enough information at your disposal to select WordPress developers who would be able to take the most advantage of artificial intelligence to create eCommerce websites from a custom WordPress development company.

Before we embark on the journey of exploring the role of artificial intelligence (AI) to empower your WordPress website it is critical to get a brief understanding of the history behind the term “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” and the way it has impacted the IT domain at large.

History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) came into existence in the year 1956. In recent times, we have seen lots of different things happening in this domain. In layman’s terms, AI programs have been developed to assist humans to enhance their abilities. The amazing fact is that with the help of true AI it is possible to learn from experiences. This way its functions are enhanced which makes it easier to make decisions. With the help of these programs, it is possible to scrutinize a wide array of data, find patterns, and complete tasks that are too complex or advanced for humans or static programs.


In recent times, we have seen lots of businesses, websites, and applications that are starting to employ AI like PayPal, Gmail, and Facebook. A prime example of that is PayPal. It leverages technology which aids in preventing fraud. This way it is possible to more effectively scrutinize the customer data and find out potential risks.

Now, that you have understood the history of artificial intelligence (AI), as promised it is time to look at its emerging role to empower WordPress websites.

Artificial Intelligence Improves Website Interactions

There are certain features of AI that make the process of communicating with the visitors of your website very easy. How? By getting rid of specific communication barriers. It even assists in cutting down the response time from the users. A prime example of that is chat-bots. With the help of it, visitors can easily interact with your website.


With the advanced technology in the near future, it might be possible to make future chat-bots comprehend to acknowledge human emotions. This way website visitors will have an opportunity to engage in conversation with the real member of your team.

Artificial Intelligence will Aid in Enhanced Searching Option

While visitors at your website they want to gather information as quickly as they can. This is possible with the help of AI. It consists of an advanced feature known as voice search that has become quite a popular option amongst the younger generation. We are seeing them use it as an alternative to traditional searches.


In the future, we will see voice search as an integral part of the website development. With the help of its deep-rooted technologies along with speech recognition, things are going to be better for your WordPress website. With the help of speech recognition technology enabled with AI programs, it would become possible to ascertain the spoken language and instantly convert it into text. Isn’t it amazing?

Artificial Intelligence will Make Customer Experience More Relevant Than Today

With the help of AI, it will become possible for you to design your website according to the needs of your users. It will understand the mood of your visitors and take their preferences into account. With the help of this information, AI will provide a customized experience which will have a positive impact on customer engagement.


With the help of the AI feature, it would become possible for you to display personalized ads, provide recommendations for purchases, and provide differential pricing according to the past purchases made by your customers. It will even give you a chance to provide an exclusive and targeted content according to the requirements of your audience.

Artificial Intelligence will Make Marketing More Efficient

With the aid of AI, digital marketing people are bound to get a lot of machine learning. We will see breakthroughs that will assist in providing precise market predictions on the basis of the purchasing behavior of the customer.


AI will also assist in creating marketing campaigns which is based on the scrutinization of the products that the customers are going to purchase next time. It will also provide suitable price points and predict the number of times customers are likely to purchase a product. This way AI is bound to create vast improvement for your marketing efforts.

The Final Word!

Things are looking quite hunky-dory as far the role of artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned to empower your WordPress website. In this big data world, it is quite essential to take advantage of this latest technology to grow your online business to the next level. It is quite remarkable to see the fact that AI has the potential of not only having a positive impact on the web visitors but it will also empower the sales figure in the eCommerce business. Can it get any bigger? To take advantage of this big trend, avail the services of a reputed Custom WordPress Development Company and grow your online business by manifolds.

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