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The New Security Update is Here: Adobe Commerce APSB22-12


Yes, you need to know the Adobe Security updates for Magento open source and Adobe commerce. The Adobe Commerce APSB22-12 updates address the vulnerabilities in the platform. These threats make it easier for attackers to take control of your system.

What is Included in the Security Update Release?

The latest release has around seven security enhancements and fixes. The release also has bug fixes for Klarna, Braintree, and Vertex vendor-developed extensions. Some known issues for PHP fatal error while upgrading to Magento Open Source 2.4.3 and Adobe Commerce 2.4.3 are resolved in this release.

What are the Major Updates in this Adobe Commerce APSB22-12 Update?

  • Removing the session IDs from the database to prevent access if unauthorized users 
  • Admin access is now restricted for media gallery folders to avoid deletion of the .htaccess file 
  • Reducing the limit to GraphQL query complexity to avoid Denial-of-Service
  • Handle recent penetration test vulnerabilities to provide great security from intruders 
  • Validation of custom variables to restrict usage of dangerous HTML attributes and tags

The Must-known Announcements with this Release are: 

1. Product Recommendations 

Many Magento merchants use the Adobe Experience Manager, Vue.js, or React, and they cannot integrate the Adobe Commerce product recommendations. It focuses on the recently viewed products and those having higher conversion rates. It, further, helps the store owners to apply the new methodology and increase sales. The Adobe Commerce APSB22-12 release has also introduced support for B2B websites with customer-specific pricing and catalogs.

2. Progressive Web Apps 

With the release of PWA Studio 12, you get rid of the loading pages. The new has a shimmer effect that provides a better user experience by displaying an animated effect for the elements while loading. It also has a Cart Button on the category pages to fasten the purchase process and increase conversions.

3. Asynchronous Order Processing 

The generated feature will be available around December for Asynchronous order processing. This will improve the checkout and cart functionalities of the Adobe commerce development services. It enhances the order process and lines your items in the cart.

The Live search catalog onboarding and reindexing times are now less to ensure the latest product data by search results. Search relevancy is now enhanced by using the partial word search with the full word search. You can also hire Magento developer to ensure that this functionality works perfectly and deliver a smooth user experience.

5. Payment Services

The Adobe Commerce APSB22-12 release includes Payment services in North America for the Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce. Now the Magento support plan will ensure stores of all sizes with access to secure and powerful payment solutions managed from the admin panel.


The Adobe Commerce APSB22-12 has released the security updates for Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce to avoid data exploitation. The users and admin have understood the importance of updates for any platform.

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