The Magnificent Power of Magento Community

With a substantial market share in the e-commerce business, Magento has emerged as a powerful e-commerce platform across the world, and equally powerful is its community. The vast community of Magento developers has always managed to lend a superb support to Magento store owners by quick resolution of their common problems in a hassle-free manner. This saves much of money of hiring developers to fix small issues.

Moreover, Magento also offers a Community edition for its users, which is available at no cost! This means as an aspiring e-store owner, you can download the community edition anytime, and can get your bespoke own store by making requisite changes in the source code as desired. You can also hire an expert for Magento Development Company to do the changes. The result will be a top-notch secured online store to drive your business over the web. Currently, it powers more than 250,000 e-stores worldwide. Recently, Magento has released Magento Community Edition 2.1.0 with significant PayPal, management interface and security enhancements. However, the power of Magento community lies in the things that it allows a user to do without involving any cost.

Easy Create & Manage An Online Store

The Magento Community Edition has all the things that are necessary to create and maintain a fantastic online store. It lets you adding a large number of products, site designing, multiple payment options, cross-selling, coupon codes, and much more, which are all vital to set up an online store and running it in a competitive e-commerce industry. It is even easy to upgrade to the new rolled out versions of Magento in a cost-effective manner. In short, the community edition is an open-source system that gives enormous power to its users to set, design and run their own Magento stores with minimal intervention by the professional Magento developers.

Can Expand To Incorporate Desired Features

The Magento Community Edition allows its users to add new functionalities with the help of a variety of Magento extensions over the web. For example, an e-store owner can add extensions for micro tagging, sales tracking, one-step-checkout, image zoom, layered navigation, help desk, and much more to increase the functionality of its e-store. There are also product designer extensions over the web. You may have noticed some online stores who offer their shoppers an opportunity to customize their favorite products. You can also greatly enhance the image of your products with some Magento extensions.

There is no dearth of adequate support, guidance courtesy the Magento community that comprised of Magento developers and online merchants from all over the world. This makes the power of Magento Community Edition all the more magnificent. The free edition also facilitates novice online merchants in opening a highly functional Magento store by offering them all the necessary training and in-depth documentation. One can access the same from the official site of Magento without spending a single penny.

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