The Art of Making Negative Results of the Company Disappear from Google SERPs

Negative SEO Results

Do you know it is possible to cover up arrests, poor customer reviews, and other content that can have a negative effect on Google to be covered by Google-savvy consultants?

There have been instances where people have been sentenced in prison for running a payday loan scam and then create clean websites. The incredible truth is the personas of these people with a black past already have guest posts, personal websites, and social media accounts.


Negative SEO


There have been bots, deepfakes, and other forms of media manipulation that have already created a lot of concern which has eroded the trust and seed false narratives in society. On top of that, there have been coordinated efforts to game search results (a popular method through which people access information daily). These things have not received the justifiable punishments from Google. This is even though it has been a powerful form of platform abuse. These search manipulation campaigns have become quite common. This includes the use of LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, and other services as a part of the strategy.

Today, we are seeing a growing emphasis on the global reputation management industry that hides past arrests, allegations of frauds, poor customer reviews, and other character-killing online content. As a result of these campaigns, it becomes easier to conceal significant information from customers, employers, and even romantic partners. The problem of fake social media accounts is quite common. But, littering legitimate websites with false information has become a new trend of late.

Research has been conducted by BuzzFeed News Investigation that showcases the examples of doctors, executives, and criminals that have all benefited from search engine manipulation campaigns that look to hide the harmful content. The problem is that this is one-field where anything goes.There is a complete lack of clear industry standards or ethical guidelines. Here comes the paradox: The reputation industry has faced problems as a result of its perception issues.

The only thing that you will ever need to improve your brand’s reputation is merely a website. How difficult can that get? The problem is, not only criminals and other people but also reputable brands and ad agencies are unethically trying to game the system. Although Google says it invests heavily to prevent the game search results by forcing violations in its policies, today it has become much easier for companies to push search results for companies, names, and other specific terms of the top pages of Google. As long as you are spending money, all this is going to happen for sure.

Typically reputation is all about what other people say about you and not what you say for yourself. In the online world, this is mostly dependent on the results people see when they enter the name of the person or company into reputed search engines like Google.

It is possible to create your own social media profile without any negative information. With the help of Google footprint, it is possible to get unbiased information of your life like arrests and bankruptcies. While it is impossible to control what people say about you if you are willing to spend the right amount, it is possible to control the message that you wish to showcase on the first page of Google. This is all possible with the help of a cottage industry of consultants and flat-out spammers.

The reputation management industy has been in a fix when it comes to people’s desire to control personal data and information in the digital world. It also needs to guard against attempts to hide or delete information so that it does not show up on Google.

The best way to push the negative content down on reputed search engines is by creating high-quality, positive content about the client that they want to showcase. The objective behind the exercise is to give the client a reputation that they have rightfully earned.

Remember, your reputation talks about your character. Hence, it becomes crucial to show up positive things on Google. But, ensure that the positive things are real and legitimate. These things should showcase the great things that you are already doing.

With the help of this approach, it is possible to hide negative search results for someone who is facing a reputation crisis in their life. There is always a blurred line of distinction between a legitimate campaign and the one that lies in the territory of being unethical or manipulative.

A prime example of this is, consultants employing shady shortcuts to enhance the search results of the client. This is done especially by buying articles or links about clients from the so-called link networks.

The problem is, these websites have been created for the sole interest to build up the domain authority and page rank of the website. Then the operators that run these networks sell off these links back from their websites to anyone willing to pay.

To ensure such practices are discouraged, Google protects the integrity of genuine links by banning agencies for buying links for clients. This is yet another concept known as “SEO scholarship” that is on the rise. This concept is based on the concept of consultants suggesting their clients offer scholarships in their name for a relatively small amount.

The objective behind this exercise is to get a mention of the scholarship and get a coveted back-link from a legitimate college website with an authoritative .edu domain name.

The Final Words

It is advised to avail of the SEO services in the USA from a reputed SEO company to increase your reputation. Today it is vital for you to check out the SEO companies in the USA and decide which one of them is right to make your negative results of your company disappear from Google SERPs.

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