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Taxi Booking App Development

Gone are the days when users have to step outside from their homes to book a taxi, even in extreme weather conditions. With a comprehensive, highly-functional and easy-to-use mobile taxi booking app like Uber, they can book a taxi, select their pick up and drop locations and pay online.

If you looking for a feature-rich, inclusive and robust taxi booking app development, hire us.


Developing wireframes is a crucial step before developing a full-fledged app. Wireframes give businesses and developers a clear idea about different features and functionalities of the app suchas driver app features such as new booking notifications, customer location, and customer app features such as driver availability, vehicle tracking, review submitting, payment gateway and others.

Visual Designs –Driver Side

Taxi app development company always focuses on Visual designs. A driver’s taxi booking app version consists of features such as the driver’s profile and status, a new order alert, navigation, estimation, reports, and total earnings. Drivers will use this version of the app to work seamlessly by coordinating with an admin and customers.

Main Screen

A driver has to first register with the business. Registered drivers can access the driver’s taxi booking app version by signing in. once signed in, drivers can confirm the near-by taxi requests and get things started.

The main screen also has other features such as total rides picked up by the driver, total earnings, distance covered within the taxi booking app and reviews got from customers.

Receipts & Earnings

Another feature to add in the driver’s taxi booking app development is receipts and earnings. A driver can check the total number of receipts for rides and total earnings with profits.

All payments the driver has earned in form of cash and other online methods from taxi app users will be shown here. This is one of the important features you need to check for your personalized taxi app development.

Trip Request & On Trip

A driver will receive a new trip request through a push notification. The trip request also has additional information related to payment and route details. The driver, based upon this information, will decide whether to accept or reject a new request or not.

The On-trip feature will help drivers to find the best route for the destination location in the minimum amount of time.

Visual Designs – User Side

The passenger version of the app is specially designed for users who want to book the cab. Here, the number of features would be more compared to the driver’s app version. From finding the taxi nearby to book a ride, pay online and writing reviews for the experience, all these features will be added in this app version.

Main Screen

Once a customer registers the account with the app, he/ she can enter pick up and drop locations and access the available taxis nearby the area. Now, once the request is generated, the nearest taxi in the vicinity will be called. The main screen also allows passengers to track the driver’s way and estimated arrival time.

Trip Tracking Facility

Every taxi app development company is aware of this crucial feature. Once registered with the app, a customer can request a trip with this feature. The customer can book a ride by entering pick up and drop locations. Here, the customer will get other information such as the estimated arrival time of the driver, total fare, and driver tracking facility. Once the trip request is made, a notification will be sent to the driver.

Trip Rating & Comments

Once a customer has reached the destination, he/she can rate the trip experience with this feature. You can add rating parameters such as driver’s behaviour, on-arrival time, the interior of the car and other expectations.

A customer can also write and submit a comment about the overall ride experience.

More Screens

Here are some more wireframe screenshots that might help you to understand how the developed taxi booking app will look like.



Yes, in the era of convenience and comfort, people are looking for smart solutions and a taxi app like Uber offers the same. If you own taxies, investing in an Uber-like taxi app will help you to serve your customers and drivers in a better way. Also, you will be able to manage your business in a streamlined and seamless way. Automating things will lead to lesser errors and full transparency.

Yes, our mobile app developers have years of experience and expertise to offer you the best quality mobile app that functions in the best manner. They are also familiar with several payment gateways such as debit/credit cards, e-wallets, net banking and others. They will successfully integrate payment gateways in your taxi booking app.

We adhere to strict security and coding standards and never compromise on it. We take all possible security measures to prevent any types of data breaches. With source code encryption, we assure full data security for your taxi booking app. We test the final product before deploying it and ensure that there are no bugs and errors in the app to annoy you in the future.

Every business has different needs and goals that need to be fulfilled and we know it. Our mobile app developers and project managers will understand your business requirements and offer a fully customized app with design and backend customization that can serve the core purpose perfectly and efficiently.

Here are the technologies we use for Uber-like taxi app development:


  • WEB: PHP, WordPress, CakePHP, YII, Zend, Magneto, Laravel, Codeigniter,   AngularJS, NodeJS etc.
  • Android: iPhone native, Android native, IONIC, PhoneGap.
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL, Firebase, Golang.
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