Social Media Day – Let’s Celebrate the Impact on Global Communication

Social Media Day

The Internet is a bliss, and its child, i.e. Social Media is quite a boon for the people of all age groups, the youngsters and the adults, all alike. Social Media has impacted human lives to a huge extent. Therefore, to honour the services that this blessing (Social Media) has provided to us, Mashable decided to dedicate a day to it. Thus, in 2010, Mashable launched the “SOCIAL MEDIA DAY”. Guess what? It is TODAY! Every year, 30th June is celebrated as Social Media day.

To celebrate the influence of Social Media on Global communication, a lot of events, meetups and conventions are held all around the world, since the past couple of years. It goes without saying that the Internet witnesses a storm of posts on this massively popular day.

Since its inception, Social media has seen a dynamic evolution. It is almost everywhere nowadays. People talked about trending topics, laughed at gags, shared jokes on Myspace before, now they do the same on Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is definitely not the end. There is so much more. Blogging, Vine, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Whatsapp….Phew! The list is not over and you may already have ran out of your breath. Each social media platform has a presence of humongous amount of people. Each of them is special in its own way. Each represents a dream, an idea, a goal. Each Social media is thus, not a mere platform for sharing, but a process of constantly updating yourself with the current world.

This amazing platform has influenced almost all aspects of human lives. You can talk to your friends, family, even strangers through social media. You can find your life partner out there. You can sell and buy from there. You can raise questions, give answers, prove points, and even become famous through Social Media. It has also impacted the Governments of the world and Politics. Campaigns have evolved from Road Rallies to Twitter, from Live Speeches to Live Facebook, etc. People raise their complaints through social media easily to the governing bodies. We get to know about the more isolated parts of the world through it. Thus we can sympathize, and consequently, try and help them.

This is just a brief of what social media does to us. Think about it. How much are we affected by this great medium. Check your phone, open your laptop. The world is in your hands all because of the one thing, the essential giant of the tech world – Social Media.

So let us take this day to thank Social Media for everything it has ever done for us. Let us raise our toast to a lot many awesome development in it in the future. Let us celebrate the Social Media day with immense joy. Cheers!

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