Shopware AI Copilot vs Shopify Sidekick: Detailed Comparison 2023

Comparison of Shopware AI Copilot and Shopify Sidekick

Whenever any merchant plans to take their business online the first thing they think of is which platform is best for their success.

If you also come across this question, then surely you’ve heard about these two game-changing platforms i.e., Shopware AI Copilot and Shopify Sidekick.

Both are AI-powered tools that can be a one-stop solution for merchants to handle everything from setting up a store to running with automation.

Now the question arises: which one is best for your business?

Here, we will do a detailed comparison between Shopware AI Copilot and Shopify Sidekick, their features, pros and cons, pricing and which one is best for your business.

What is Shopware AI Copilot?

It is an AI-powered tool that helps merchants run their online store more efficiently by automating various tasks such as content creation workflows, reducing time and providing complete guidance. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance online store operations and provide valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

There are so many done-for-you models that you can use to handle most of the store operations. It’s a solution for both end merchants and customers by improving their store operations and enhancing customers’ shopping experience to make your store stand out from the competition.

Some Top-Notch Features of Shopware AI Copilot

Here’s the list of some top-notch features that Shopware AI Copilot offers:

1. AI-generated Content Creation

With the help of Shopware AI Copilot, you can automate the content creation process and generate different types of text content for your online store in different languages. So a merchant needs to access this feature and enter a prompt like “write a social post content on top 5 healthy fruits.” then AI will automatically generate human-like, well-researched content for your social media platforms that you can publish. Also, if you’re newly setting up your online store, then this feature allows you to write attractive web page content and ready your store in less time.

2. Image Keyword Assistant

The image keyword assistant is another top-most feature of Shopware AI Copilot where AI will analyze the images you upload, understand the content inside the image and provide the most relevant keywords. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to get metadata about the topic via AI. It’s a very helpful platform for those merchants who want to set up a large number of product pages and get keywords for each category simply. These keywords are accurate and help in boosting the visibility in search engines.

3. AI-generated Product Review Summary

When you have a large inventory to list products then creating a description or summary of each product is time-consuming. Shopware AI Copilot offers an AI-based solution to automatically generate a product based brief summary for all the products in the store in a few minutes. It only provides the most essential and beneficial information about the products to customers so that they can make data-driven decisions much faster.

4. Custom Checkout Message

Providing a personalized shopping experience is now becoming essential. Shopware AI Copilot allows you to provide a custom checkout message for each customer after the purchase they made. Each message varies from the item they bought and provides a complete personalized touch with messaging.

This feature can help you to increase customer loyalty for your brand and encourage them to make more purchases. You can automate the process of custom checkout messages with this tool and see significant growth in customer satisfaction. You’ll get complete customization control over the message to keep it short and crispy, and the length and tone of the message. Once you’ve made your changes you can start with a test message to check the experience customers are having once they make purchases.

5. AI-generated Product Properties

Personalized product recommendations are a key to driving more sales and conversions in e-commerce business. In order to provide relevant product recommendations, you need to define each product property to ensure only suggestions that are relevant. With Shopware AI Copilot helps you to generate all product properties and save them in the system. So that whenever customers are looking for any product then it suggests the most relevant products based on their properties. Adding each product property is a time-consuming process that can be easily automated with this new feature of Shopware AI Copilot.

6. AI-based Translation for Reviews

If you’re having customers from everywhere in the world who speak different languages then this feature is going to help your business. Shopware AI Copilot offers AI-based Translation that allows you to turn your recent feedback, testimonials and product pages into different languages to display them and attract more customers. There’s no need to create multiple pages on similar products, this is an extension that enables the whole website to turn into language as per user language and provide a more personalized shopping experience.

7. AI-based Customers Classification

With Shopware AI Copilot, you can identify your ideal customers based on their characteristics and behavior and turn them into segments with labels. So you can make a group of audience for a particular thing like newly purchased customers, returning customers etc. The main reason is having audience segmentation to target and approach the customers based on their appropriate segments and it becomes easier to reach out to them during marketing. It saves you useful time and automates your various operations.

8. AI Export Assistant

Now taking your whole website data is much easier with an AI export assistant. It can easily turn your data from Shopware into a CSV file. Just add the Shopware AI Copilot and navigate to Export in settings to enable it. After enabling the setting, you need to input a command in a text box “Send all orders from Today”. Now, AI will understand your request and showcase results in another tab to download the CSV file.

These are some popular features offered by Shopware AI Copilot.

What is Shopify Sidekick?

Shopify Sidekick is an AI-based e-commerce platform that allows small businesses and merchants to set up their online store quickly during Shopware development by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most of your store operations will be automated on this platform such as inventory management, order fulfillment, customer segmentation, modifying store design, setting up marketing and promotions and much more.

This platform acts like an AI-powered 24/7 assistant that will do most of the things and provide you with a fully-functional e-commerce store with the least amount of effort. It comes with an aim to take small businesses from offline to online without any effort by handling most of the operations on its own.

Some Top-most Features of Shopify Sidekick

Here are some wonderful features that Shopify Sidekick comes with:

1. Generating Smart Replies with AI-powered Assistant

Shopify Sidekick is offering a smart assistant that can chat with visitors and answer their queries quickly and effectively. It’s an AI-powered assistant that learns and tries to deliver the next response more accurately and help users to resolve their queries and encourages them to make quick buying decisions.

2. Customer Insights and Segmentation

AI-powered Shopify Sidekick will analyze your customer’s behavior, preferences and buying process to create a similar audience segmentation for an effective marketing strategy. It helps you to create an ideal customer avatar for your e-commerce store and create marketing strategies to reach out to them for high conversions and profitability.

3. Pre-defined Actions

When you open Shopify Sidekick in your store then you’ll see various predefined actions that Sidekick can take in just one tap. Some of the most popular actions are Creating a discount, Analyzing the store and editing themes. As a store owner, you can simply tap on any instructions and the sidekick will start taking action towards it.

4. Inventory Management Automation

Managing inventory has never been easier than before with Shopify Sidekick. Small businesses and merchants can automate their inventory operations and save precious time and ensure to keep the inventory up-to-date with on-demand products. Sidekick uses order history, sales data, current trends and customer preferences to keep the inventory up-to-date with the right product demand.

Sidekick also helps store owners to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in today’s e-commerce world. It will suggest the most on-demand products that are relevant to your store and drive you more sales after completing the research.

6. Marketing Strategy Optimization

When data meets with marketing strategy then magic happens in business. This is where sidekicks ensure to build a strong connection and use data to make marketing strategies for store owners. It also suggests various improvements in published campaigns and does a lot more testing to grow results.

Shopware AI Copilot vs Shopify Sidekick: Which is Best for You?

Overall, both AI tools are known for their unique features and functionalities in e-commerce. If you’re running an e-commerce store and want to build a strong engagement with audiences by adding personalization, then Shopware AI Copilot is a good option or If you’re planning to go online but don’t know where to start then Shopify Sidekick will do everything and give you a fully-functional ecommerce store with trending products to drive sales.

However, you can pick as per your business needs and requirements. Now it’s your turn to hire a shopware developer and set up your fully-featured store.

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