Project Highlight

  • Online Audio Playing Functionality for Live Feed
  • Multi Language (English, French)
  • Allows to Discover Photos, Podcast and Videos
  • Ability to Customise Track Cover Image
  • Quiz, News, Blog and Event Section
  • Create Your Own Playlist
  • Live Chatting Between Registered Users
  • Social Media Sharing and Integration

Solution Provided

Apart from multi-stream capabilities, we have provided a solution that works with most platforms like Radionomy, Shoutcast, Icecast, etc. And provides playback info, track sharing, online voting, artist/movies filtration and lots more!

  • We have designed one ‘promotions’/’deal’ page, which presents an interactive way the bons plans presented on air. A module of an interactive map will be set up to present the bons plans according to the location and to the theme.
  • ‘Become a Presenter’ functionality where online users can apply to audition for a presenter of Web7radio by uploading their photos, videos, audio and CVs.
  • Online membership registration and subscription to get event details and news about music Industry.
  • Developed functionality of automatically retrieving the tracks played on radio station to insert them in the “What am I listening to?” module.
  • Provided facility in backend to see all statistics/reports with a single click and learn about ‘your listeners’ profiles!


Our Acknowledgements

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