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Web7Radio is online audio playing system with live feed. Our client was initially known for his experience and the quality of services in internet radio stations, DJs, event planning and many more. Client needed Elsner to develop an online platform where youth of France can listen songs, debate on music, create their playlist and update themselves related to music industry.
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What was the challenge?

  • Online Audio Playing Functionality for Live Feed
  • Multi Language (English, French)
  • Allows to Discover Photos, Podcast and Videos
  • Ability to Customise Track Cover Image
  • Quiz, News, Blog and Event Section
  • Create Your Own Playlist
  • Live Chatting Between Registered Users
  • Social Media Sharing and Integration

The solution we provided

Apart from multi-stream capabilities, we have provided a solution that works with most platforms like Radionomy, Shoutcast, Icecast, etc. And provides playback info, track sharing, online voting, artist/movies filtration and lots more!

  • We have designed one ‘promotions’/’deal’ page, which presents an interactive way the bons plans presented on air. A module of an interactive map will be set up to present the bons plans according to the location and to the theme.
  • ‘Become a Presenter’ functionality where online users can apply to audition for a presenter of Web7radio by uploading their photos, videos, audio and CVs.
  • Online membership registration and subscription to get event details and news about music Industry.
  • Developed functionality of automatically retrieving the tracks played on radio station to insert them in the “What am I listening to?” module.
  • Provided facility in backend to see all statistics/reports with a single click and learn about ‘your listeners’ profiles!

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