Wealth Plus

Wealthplus aimed to transform financial management with a cutting-edge cross-platform application and website, integrating Bank, Stocks, Share, NFT, and Cryptocurrency details through APIs like Lean and Saltedge. Developed using ReactJS and Ruby, the solution offers advanced features such as expenditure tracking, savings goals, and comprehensive wealth charts. With multi-currency and multi-language support, the platform caters to diverse users, boasting an intuitive and visually appealing design for enhanced accessibility across demographics. The administration panel simplifies management tasks, optimising user experience and fostering customer engagement, solidifying Wealth Plus as a leading wealth management solution.

About the Client and its Industry

Weathplus is a wealth tracker and planning company. They believe in a world where financial management is a path to achieving your aspirations. They provide future planning and help you achieve your financial goals and fulfil your dreams. They also help in tracking your expenses so that you can reduce your unnecessary expenses accordingly.
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Problem statement

The biggest challenge was in creating an innovative platform that serves as a model for society, raising awareness about wealth management and future planning. The client required an aesthetically pleasing user interface and seamless integration of APIs to gather data on banks, Stocks, Shares, NFT, and Crypto Currencies securely. This data will be represented to users through charts, aiding in goal setting and achievement. Ensuring top-notch security is paramount as all data used within the application and website is private..

What was the challenge?

  • The challenges involved developing a cross-platform application for both iOS and Android, as well as a website using ReactJS and Ruby.

  • The website required sophisticated functionality such as tracking monthly expenditures, setting goals for saving money, and displaying a Wealth chart.

  • Subscription models needed to be implemented for users.

  • There was a need for high-quality graph representation to showcase wealth, expenditure, savings, incomes, etc.

  • The entire net worth of the user, including Bank Account, Cash, Stock, Shares, Property, NFT, and even Crypto Currencies, needed to be added so that users could track their wealth and plan accordingly.

The solution we provided

  • With all these requirements we created their cross-platform application and website using ReactJS as front end language and Ruby as back end language.

  • For the Bank data and other data integrations, we used the APIs like Lean and Saltedge.

  • Using Ruby and ReactJs the chart representation was made possible to display monthly expenditures, Wealth charts, and other things.

  • This application and website can support multi-currencies and two languages to help connect more customers.

  • The admin page was made only on a website so that can reduce the work of the admin as the admin can manage all the customers from a single place.

  • The Design of the website is aesthetically pleasing and also user-friendly so it can be easier for all the age groups of customers to use it. This will increase the number of customers.


After implementation, Wealthplus reported an enhanced online image aligned with its market position as the best wealth tracker and planner. The application and website both are a huge success. They got a good response and according to their expectations, 37% more customers started using their application or website. 75% of the customers who visited or used their website or application subscribed to their model.

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