Walking With Spirituality

"Walk with spirituality" is an online platform which helps women and girls to know Jesus Christ personally by making Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church relevant. Their mission is to help every Catholic woman and girl in America encounter Jesus Christ through Bible studies.
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What was the challenge?

The delicate website “Walking With Spirituality” provides programs called “Parish Program” along with an online store for the acquisition of the study materials, events and offers foundational courses. This Bible study offers enriching and wide-reaching lessons that meet all women where they are in their journey to know Christ, regardless of previous Bible study experience. Apart from that, they offer online small group leader resources that feature training videos, helpful tools and organizational resources to support women leading small group studies.

  • Unable to track attendees to bible study programs
  • Limited tracking of Parish to Parishioner relationships
  • No Dollar value recorded for purchases
  • Unable to run complete revenue reports that include
    • Purchases
    • Donations
    • Ticket Sales
  • Unable to track Diocese to Parish hierarchy

The solution we provided

  • We have integrated the WordPress website with Salesforce connector and FormAssembly forms.
  • We integrated the WordPress website with Salesforce via the Zapier middleware tool to push Salesforce data into the WordPress MySQL database.
  • Our skilled engineers have done integration between Shopify and Salesforce to all transactions in its specific record type based on the SKU defined in Shopify.
  • We have integrated Evey for managing Events and Tickets sales in Shopify. This data flows into Salesforce via Zapier.
  • To manage a free event, our experienced team have configured Eventbrite via Zapier with Salesforce. This integration makes it easier to synchronise Registrations with Campaigns and Campaign members in Salesforce.
  • We have provided a wise solution to integrate Salesforce with Shopify. This integration migrates data of order, add on donation & event data into Salesforce in different opportunities as per ERD design.
  • To perform data cleanup and validation in Salesforce, we have configured and run Cloudingo.
  • Our skilled engineers have developed a fully automated process in Salesforce, in terms of sent various reminder emails such as Credit cards, are about to expire, Schedule pledge letters for large Recurring Donations, Affiliation active checkbox, automate the creation of a soft credit based on the Donor field, etc.
  • We have installed and configured iATS to administer online donation management via the native iATS connector. With this integration of tool, the website have the ability to
    • Automate the synchronisation of Donors and Donations into Salesforce,
    • Create the ability to link donor pages to different appeals,
    • Identify recurring donations to be receipted separately from single donations,
    • Build out duplicate matching rules to prevent duplicate contact creation.
  • Our frontend developer has designed all the webpage fully responsive and with a device friendly UI which give eye-catchy and user friendly experience while surfing on any mobile screen.

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